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* Click on the Pdf for Peoria City Council Contact Information to see mailing and email addresses and phone numbers.
Peoria-City-Council-Contact-Information_1649194054.pdf Peoria City Council Contact Information

District Council Members

Councilwoman Jackson

Denise Jackson
District 1

May 2021 – Current
(term expires May 2025)

Councilman Grayeb

Chuck Grayeb
District 2

May 2013 – Current
(term expires May 2025)

Councilman Riggenbach

Timothy Riggenbach
District 3
May 2009 – Current
(term expires May 2025)

Councilman Allen

Andre Allen
District 4

May 2021 – Current
(term expires May 2025)

Councilman Cyr

Denis Cyr
District 5

May 2017 – Current
(term expires May 2025)

At-Large Council Members

Councilman Velpula

Kiran Velpula, PhD
June 22, 2021
(term expires May 2, 2023)

Councilwoman Jensen

Elizabeth Jensen
May 2013 – Current
(term expires May 2, 2023)

Councilman Ruckriegel

Sid Ruckriegel
December 2015 – Current
(term expires May 2, 2023)

Councilman Oyler

Zachary M. Oyler
May 2017 – Current
(term expires May 2, 2023)

John Kelly

John L. Kelly
May 2019 – Current
(term expires May 2, 2023)

Election for At-Large City Council Vacancy-New Rules for 2017 Municipal Election

On October 6, 2015 an at-large city council member resigned his position creating a mid-term vacancy for this seat.  On April 4, 2017 an election will be held to fill the mid-term vacancy.  On Monday, August 1st the City of Peoria filed a motion to make clear the rules for how the April 4, 2017 election will be conducted.  These rules are detailed in the documents below.

Please direct any questions to Chrissie Kapustka, Interim Corporation Counsel, ckapustka@peoriagov.org, 309-494-8593.

08_15_-Press-RElease_1471294224.pdf Press Release Regarding New Rules
Amended-Final-Consent-Decree-08_1-88_1471294313.pdf Original Amended Final Consent Decree & Full Resolution of Action, Filed August 10, 1988
Motion-to-Modify-filed-Aug.-First_1471294375.pdf City of Peoria Motion To Modify the Amended Final Consent Decree Dated August 10, 1988, E-Filed August 1, 2016Amended-Final-Consent-Decree-08_1-88_1471294313.pdf 
Order_1471294452.pdf Order, E-Filed August 10, 2016

Strategic-Plan-Exec-Summary-2015_1467990062.pdf Strategic Plan Exec Summary 2015
Peoria-2015-Strategic-Plan_1467990055.pdf Peoria 2015 Strategic Plan
2014-Executive-Summary_1391805160.pdf 2014 Strategic Plan: Executive Summary
Community Summit 2011 Summary Report
 2011 Strategic Plan Summary Report

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Council Districts May 2022:

Peoria Council Districts May 2022






Peoria-Council-Districts-May-2022_1651253904.pdf Peoria Council Districts May 2022

Information about redistricting can be found here.

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