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City of Peoria Launches Online Tools For Budget Feedback

Residents Are Encouraged to Provide Thoughts on Spending Priorities

The city of Peoria launched two online interactive tools for residents to weigh in on spending priorities and to provide ideas.  The 2020 Online Budget Challenge is an interactive tool that invites residents and business owners to experience the type of policy choices involved in balancing the city’s budget. Currently the City is facing a $2.0 million deficit for 2020 and this interactive tool will provide participants with the opportunity to balance the budget while designating their priority areas for Peoria.   The Budget Challenge can be taken at  peoria.budgetchallenge.org and will be live until September 6, 2019.

The City also launched a website where residents can provide ideas for budgets.  Located at www.peoriastrategicplan.com, participants can submit their ideas as “campaigns” or they can support the “campaigns” of others.  Residents can also submit their ideas to budget@peoriagov.org

The City hosted a public budget discussion meeting on August 5 which allowed the opportunity to explain the current financial state of the City and the challenges and opportunities facing Peoria in the next budget cycle.  A video of that meeting, the slide deck, and all 2020 Budget information can be found at  http://www.peoriagov.org/2020-budget-information/

Feedback from public meetings, emails, and online tools will be presented to the City Council in preparation of their upcoming budget planning sessions.



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