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Code Enforcement Addresses Illegal Dumping with Photo Evidence and Tickets

Spring is quickly approaching, and with neighborhood cleanups just around the corner, the city of Peoria Community Development Department would like to remind residents  that dumping construction supplies, old furniture, and other bulky items in vacant lots, alleys, and ravines is not a legal method of disposal. Items that are illegally dumped are an environmental hazard to all residents.

In addition to ongoing education, Code Enforcement is combatting illegal dumping by issuing tickets of $500 or more to perpetrators of illegal dumping. Code Enforcement Inspectors have placed field cameras across the City, in alleys and around the districts, to catch people in the act of illegally dumping. Code Enforcement staff has partnered with the Peoria Police Department to identify culprits, ticket and bill the responsible parties for the cost of cleaning up items that have been illegally dumped.

The city of Peoria Community Development Department would like to remind residents that Peoria Disposal Company (PDC) will pick up bulky waste items in weekly collection. Bulky waste is defined as items too large to fit inside your trash cart such as furniture, mattresses, building materials, and other big items. These items can be collected from your household at no additional cost. Place these items next to your trash cart with three feet of separation at your curb or alley on your scheduled pickup day. Please note that appliances, electronics, concrete, and tires will not be picked up. The Tireless Project monthly tire collection will also resume later in the Spring.

Residents who are interested in bringing awareness to the fight against illegal dumping may request “No Dumping” yard signs by calling 309-494-2273. The signs, which were designed by a local graphic designer, bring awareness to illegal dumping in Peoria.

To report illegal dumping, please submit a complaint through Peoria Cares at (309) 494-2273 or online at www.peoriagov.org/peoria-cares.

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