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Procedure To Report Rats:

The City of Peoria offers a Rat Abatement program at no-cost to help with rat problems throughout the City. To register a complaint concerning rats, call the City of Peoria Code Enforcement office at 309-494-8600. You must provide your name,  property address and the locations of the rat burrows (holes) on the property.

As soon as possible, a code inspector will visit the property to verify the location of the burrows or holes. If burrows are found, the City will notify the exterminating company. The exterminator will contact the complainant and schedule a date to bait the property. The property must be clean of all environmental violations such as litter, debris, rubbish, rat food sources and rat shelters before the exterminator visits.

According to City Regulations:

  • All litter must be accumulated and disposed of in tightly-covered or sealed rat-proof, water-tight containers. Do not set garbage out in plastic or paper bags.
  • Lawn waste (grass, leaves, and flowers) may not be mixed with garbage. For PDC collection, yard waste must be contained in a 30-gallon yard waste bag or a garbage can with a printed or handwritten YARD WASTE sign.
  • Dumping, throwing, or depositing litter on any city right-of-way, or city-owned property, is prohibited.
  • The accumulation of litter on any private premise or vacant lot is prohibited.
  • All vehicles must be licensed and operable, unless stored in an enclosed structure. Also, motor vehicle parts or equipment cannot be stored in the open.
  • All grass and weeds higher than 10 inches must be mowed.
  • All lumber, wood and firewood must be stored at least 12 inches off the ground.
  • Dog food and feces are rat food. Keep both from being left out in the open.

Effective Strategies for eliminating a rat problem

Starve them out

  • Remove pet foods and water immediately after feeding. Rats enjoy bird and pet food.
  • Rats will change your garbage to food if you don’t keep it in rat-proof containers.
  • Refuse is a rat food. By City ordinance you must keep it in a garbage container with a tight-fitting lid.

Build them out

  • Rat-proof by sealing the following checkpoints: doors, windows, foundations walls, and places where wires and pipes enter the building.
  • Seal all openings larger than 1/2 inch in diameter or rats may enter your home.
  • Elevate stored material at least twelve inches off the ground. Old appliances and furniture should be put out for garbage pick-up immediately.

Poison Effectively

  • The safest baits are those which contain warfarin and similar substances such as pival, fumarin, or diphacin. Read the label before you buy. Set poison inside a covered box with end openings.
  • Traps can be an effective weapon against rats on the inside of buildings. Use fresh bacon, fish, or peanut butter as bait.

Eliminate-Rats_1584042100.pdf Click here for a brochure on rat abatement.

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