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Required Inspections

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to contact their assigned building inspector 24 hours prior to the necessary inspection.

• Prior to pouring any concrete for footings, post footings, basement floors (for required vapor barrier), slabs at or around pool areas (for bonding), garage footings and floors (slab on grade), public sidewalks and drive approaches.

• Prior to covering or concealing any framing, electrical, plumbing or heating, ventilation, air conditioning (hvac) work.

• Prior to concealing any fire rated assembly (fire walls that are required when the structure is closer than 5’ to the property line).

• Prior to energizing an electrical service (electrician shall be on the job site for inspection).

• Prior to use or occupancy a final inspection shall be approved by the Building, Electrical, HVAC and/or Plumbing Inspector.

Building Inspections Supervisor

Rich Storm
Building Manager

Building Inspections Staff

Craig Reid
Building Inspector

Matt Ziller
Building Inspector

Issac Garcia
Building Inspector

Items to be Included on Prints

1. Site plan drawn to an identified scale

  • label property lines
  • show the distance between the property lines and proposed structure
  • draw in the driveway and indicate the width
  • show directional North arrow

2. Elevations

  • Show all 4 sides of the house (indicate brick or vinyl siding)

3. Foundation plan

  • footing size
  • pier pad location and size
  • wall type and height (and height of backfill)
  • vertical rebar size and on center spacing
  • vapor barrier
  • label required egress window
  • indicate location of sump pump and floor drain
  • indicate if basement is finished or unfinished (if finished label rooms and provide the total sq.ft. of finished area)

4. All Floor plans

  • label all rooms
  • show dimensions of rooms and include size of wall openings and headers
  • indicate total sq. ft. of living space
  • label required egress windows
  • show wall height ( all that exceed 8’ provide framing details)
  • provide length of any narrow walls (less than 48”) give framing details (height of the walls and the height of all openings)
  • show braced wall lines and give sizes of braced wall panels

5. Provide length of dryer vent (include number and type of elbows)

6. Provide wall section representative of building submitted

  • include insulation R values
  • show ice shield
  • size of overhang
  • show vapor barrier
  • indicate sheathing or alternate

7. Provide engineering specifications for all laminated beams, LVLs steel beams, I-Joists and trusses

  • provide layout for I-Joists and truss systems

8. Provide structural details for decks (joists, beams and footings)

Providing us with the above information allows us to provide you with same day service for residential building permits.

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