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A Swimming Pool permit is required to construct, replace, or install all in-ground and above ground swimming pools, spas or hot tubs.

Wading pools less than 24 inches deep do not require a permit.

They must conform to the 2006 International Residential Code.

The purpose of these requirements is to provide an integrated level of protection against potential swimming pool drowning through the use of physical barriers and warning devices. It is not intended as a substitute for adult supervision of children.

All above ground pools with sidewalls that are at least four feet height do not require enclosure by a separate fence as long as the pool has a removable or lock-up ladder except for pools that are adjustable in height. Ladders shall be removed or locked up when not in use. It is the responsibility of the permit holder of the swimming pool to install all permanent barriers.

Electrical permits are required for items such as power to pumps and filters, and pool lighting. An extension cord cannot be used.

A Certificate of Use shall be issued upon completion of a final inspection. Failing to have proper inspection and a Certificate of Use prior to the use of the pool may result in daily tickets with a fine of $100 to $500.

Swimming pools that are located in the Historical District must have a “Certificate of Appropriateness”. Please contact the Historical Preservation Commission.

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