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The City of Peoria receives grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) designed to provide social services to the homeless, near homeless, and lower income households and persons residing in the City of Peoria. These funds are through HUD’s Community Development Block Grant and Emergency Solutions Grant programs and are distributed each year to local service providers through a request for proposals process.

Public Services

Application Process

Applications are due in the fall. Each is reviewed and ranked by the Human Resources Commission. The City Council receives this recommendation and makes a final decision on the allocation of these funds.

Community Development Block Grant – Public Services

Eligible activities include new or expanded public service programs that serve income eligible households and residents. Emphasis is placed on funding activities that address the priorities set yearly by the Advisory Commission on Human Resources and by the Peoria City Council.

For more information regarding the City of Peoria’s funded public service programs and request for proposal process, please contact the Grants Management division at grants@peoriagov.org.


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