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The Planning & Zoning Division is responsible for land use administration, neighborhood and comprehensive planning efforts.

Division Activities

Current Planning: This activity includes several functions that are integral to the overall functioning of the City of Peoria.

    • Zoning Enforcement: Violations of the zoning ordinance effect property values and the living environment of our residential and commercial neighborhoods. This function seeks to react to complaints regarding violations of the zoning code, cause zoning code compliance, and to deter repeat violations by investigating and initiating enforcement action on all zoning complaints.

    • Zoning Administration:
      This function includes the administration and supervision of all planning and zoning activities. Tasks include revisions to the zoning, subdivision, or historic preservation codes; the review and approval of all administrative permits as provided in the City Code for signs, group occupancy, home occupations, fences, and zoning certificates; and the response to general citizen inquiries.

    • Commission Support:
      This function supports three ordinance-mandated land use related commissions and two staff review boards. The support of these commissions includes the review and development of a staff recommendation of all applications sent; public notice of the meeting; minutes of the meeting; correspondence with petitioners, public, Council, and commission members, and all other functions to facilitate appropriate development.

Long-Range Planning: This activity includes all plan development functions, including the continued development of the Growth Cell Development Plan, updating of the Comprehensive Plan, and review of planning documents created by outside consultants. Activities also include professional assistance to the standing committees for implementation of the Heart of Peoria Plan. The activity also includes the second phase of implementation of Heart of Peoria Plan – the adoption of a Land Development Code for the Heart of Peoria plan area and the adoption of a Regulating Plans for the Sheridan Triangle, Prospect Road, West Main Street & the Warehouse District

Mapping & Analysis: Half of this activity is for mapping and includes mapping support for all Commission work, periodic revisions to the zoning and ¼ section zoning maps, Census Bureau mandated map adjustments, preliminary creation of GIS layers, map maintenance, and limited support to other City departments. The other half of the activity, analysis includes three components of data management for census and HUD reporting, financial management and processing, and administrative duties related to the management of the department.


 Zoning Certificate and Building Permit Application
 Commercial and Multi-Family Consolidated Application
Historic Preservation Commission – Certificate of Appropriateness Application
 Historic Preservation Commission – Landmark & District Designation Application
 Planning and Zoning Commission Application
 Zoning Board of Appeals – Variance Application
Zoning Board of Appeals – Appeal Request Application
 2015 Commission Meeting Schedule – Updated
 2016 Commission Meeting Schedule

Development Codes

Historic Preservation Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance

Land Development Code


Staff Listing

Ross Black

Leah Allison, AICP
Senior Urban Planner

Jide Giwa, AICP
Senior Urban Planner

Kimberly Smith, AICP
Senior Urban Planner

Joshua Naven
Senior Urban Planner

Shannon Techie
Senior Urban Planner

Nick Ruzicka
Zoning Enforcement Officer


Planning & Zoning Division
City Hall, Room 300
419 Fulton Street
Peoria, IL 61602
Phone: (309)494-8600
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