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Special Service Area

The City of Peoria is proposing the creation of a Special Service Area (SSA) on the East Bluff. The SSA generates funds through an additional line on the property tax bill of taxable properties within the area. In general, a property valued at $50,000 would pay an additional $30 per year toward the SSA. In total, the SSA would generate between $40,000 – $50,000 per year. These funds would be used to provide operational/staffing support to an organization that would provide direct services to the properties and residents within the boundaries of the SSA.

EB-SSA-notice-FINAL-2019_1566932577.pdf 2019 East Bluff Special Service Area Notice

SSA-Public-Hearing-Comments_1566932617.pdf 8.20.19 SSA Public Hearing Comments

EB-SSA-Public-Hearing-Comment-RESPONSES_1566932929.pdf 8.20.19 SSA Public Hearing Comment Responses

East-Bluff-Special-Service-Area-FAQ_1566932960.pdf East Bluff Special Service Area FAQ

35-ILCS-200_-Property-Tax-Code__1566933007.pdf 35 ILCS 200_ Property Tax Code_

The-East-Bluff-overview_1567016742.pdf The East Bluff Overview

EB-Timeline-of-accomplishments-2008-2016_1566939914.pdf EB Timeline of accomplishments 2008-2016

Issues-Update-EBNHS-SSA-Community-Core-Report-11132015_1566939804.pdf EBNHS Community Core Accomplishments 2016

East-Bluff-update-2016_1567016849.pdf East Bluff Update 2016

EBNHS-Accomplishments-2018-Third-Quarter-Report_1566939663.pdf EBNHS Accomplishments 2018

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