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**Note:  Pursuant to City Council action on March 11, 2014,  the Zoning Commission has been combined with the Planning Commission.  All duties performed by the Zoning Commission will now be performed by the Planning & Zoning Commission.

The Zoning Commission is comprised of seven members. A quorum of four members is necessary, in order to conduct business. Any decision of the Zoning Commission shall be based on an affirmative vote of those members voting.

Commission Documents


The Zoning Commission is responsible for the following duties:

    • Review all applications for amendments to this ordinance (text or map), hold public hearings thereon, and report findings and recommendations to the City Council in the manner prescribed in this ordinance;


    • Review all applications for special use and N1 Official Development Plans, hold public hearings thereon and report findings and recommendations to City Council;


    • Receive annually in the month of January from the Zoning Administrator his/her recommendations as to the effectiveness of this ordinance as its [it] relates to the policies of the Comprehensive Plan of the City of Peoria and any amendments he/she may recommend be made to the ordinance, and report the Commission’s conclusions and recommendations on such matters to the City Council;


    • To review, hold the hearing and report to the City Council, with recommendations, those matters not treated above, which the City Council has referred to it;


    • Review all applications and recommendations from the Site Plan Review Board with respect to special exceptions under regulations governing neighborhood conservation districts, hold public hearings thereon, and make a final determination as to whether such special exceptions should be granted or denied;


    • To review, hold public hearings, and make recommendations to the City Council with respect to any application for elimination or changes in any existing covenants restricting land uses, which are enforceable by the City.

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