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Grocery and Healthy Food Strategies

Grocery and Healthy Food Strategy Resource Page

 This page is a resources directory dedicated to community efforts to attract grocery stores in Peoria and to connect residents to alternative, healthy, food sources.

Grocery-Store-Attraction-Update-07-10-18_1531251754.pdf Grocery Store Attraction Update 07-10-18                                                         Regional Fresh Food Council

Available-Grocery-Stores-Peoria-IL_1531251753.pdf Available Grocery Stores Peoria IL

Community-Organizations-for-Healthy-Food_1523297624.pdf Community Organizations for Healthy Food

Grocery-Food-Strategy-Update_1519417453.pdf Grocery Food Strategy Update 02-23-18

Regional Fresh Food Council

The Regional Fresh Food Council is a collective effort to make healthy food available and accessible with a stronger local food economy. Our vision is to cultivate a healthy regional food supply that is safe, affordable, and available to all. We are committed to working towards a thriving food system by creating environments that support healthy people and a strong food economy.

Regional Fresh Food Council Website

If you reside in the 61605 or 61603 zip code, you are invited to complete the Grocery Store Survey, click here.

CityLink Existing Bus Routes

Grocery-Store-Route-List-2018_1518465844.pdf Grocery Store Route List 2018

Grocery Store and Alternative Food Strategy Town Hall Meetings: Council Member Denise Moore and Council Member Tim Riggenbach


Grocery-Store-and-Alternative-Food-Strategies-Public-Input-Cards_1516912921.pdf Grocery Store and Alternative Food Strategies Public Input Cards

Grocery-Store-and-Alternative-Food-Strategies-Sign-In-Sheets_1516912922.pdf Grocery Store and Alternative Food Strategies Sign In Sheets

Co-Op Meeting Notes: Senator Dave Koehler and Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth

February-2-Options-Meeting-Kroger-Closure_1518821228.pdf February 2 Options Meeting Kroger Closure

Jan-12-Kroger-closing-Co-OP-Meeting_1516913589.pdf Jan 12 Kroger closing Co-OP Meeting

Available Grocery Store Sites

1800-N.-Knoxville-Avenue_1516913063.pdf 1800-N.-Knoxville-Avenue

Peoria-Vacant-Grocery_1516913064.pdf Peoria Vacant Grocery

Grocery and Pharmacy Delivery

Grocery-Store-Food-and-Pharmacy-Delivery_1516999885.pdf Grocery Store Food and Pharmacy Delivery

Urban Co-ops Examples



Food Bank Locations and Contacts

Food-Pantry-Locations-and-Contacts_1518820580.pdf Food Pantry Locations and Contacts

Food Pantry and Food Banks GIS Map/Locations Near You

Food Pantries

MIdwest Food Bank – Peoria



Good Food Recovery-Gitm Foundation

Good Food Recovery is powered by the application ChowMatch – a software technology that uses matching logic to connect agencies with surplus food donated by restaurants, grocery stores, caterers, farms, home growers and many others.  The technology helps to streamline the distribution of untouched surplus food to agencies and organizations such as family shelters, homeless shelters, neighborhood feeding programs, food pantries, churches, schools, 100% affordable housing programs and many other outreach programs.

Transportation to Grocery Stores and other Food Delivery

Dream Center Peoria




Check Cashing/Bill Payment Services

Check-Cashing-and-Bill-Payment-Services_1516914737.pdf Check Cashing and Bill Payment Services

Peoria Township Relief Grocery Vouchers


Community Agency Resources


Friendship House

East Bluff Community Center

University of Illinois Extension

Peoria County Health Department

Regional Fresh Food Council

Dream Center Peoria

Southside Mission


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