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The Equal Opportunity Office (EOO) was established to facilitate fair practice in the administration of City of Peoria operations, and eliminate discrimination in the treatment of the citizens of Peoria in the areas of Employment, Housing and Public Accommodations. The EOO is responsible for the enforcement of the City’s Municipal Code pertaining to fair practices in the areas of employment, housing and contract compliance. The office’s jurisdiction extends to the corporate city limits. The office also provides staff support to the Fair Employment Commission, Housing Commission, and the Mayor’s Advisory Committee for Citizens with Disabilities (MACCD).

The main function of the office is to develop and implement strategies that recognize and prevent discrimination in recruitment, selection, training, personnel practices and conditions of employment. Additionally, the office works to ensure city facilities, programs and services are accessible to people with disabilities and it also provides services to public citizens and employees of the City of Peoria.

The Equal Opportunity Office is dedicated to ensuring the City of Peoria engages in employment practices that promote and builds a diverse workforce. The Office encourages the use of fair practice principles in the administration of the business operations of the City to facilitate equal access and opportunity.

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Certification-Registration-Process-PIA-version-i_1659359540.pdf Instructions on How to Certify for the PeAP Program

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August 1, 2022 PeAP Press Conference


Equal Opportunity – Forms and Downloads

Sexual Harassment Policy
Employer-Report-Form-CC-1-Instructions-Rev-July-2019_1563309088.pdf Employer Report Form CC-1 Instructions
Emploer-Report-CC-1-Rev-July2019_1563307843.pdf Employer Report CC-1
Equal Opportunity Office Review
COP Workplace Complaint Form
Active-EEO-Certification-_1612816764.pdf Active EEO Certification
Inactive-EEO-Certification-_1612816784.pdf Inactive EEO Certification
MACCD2017BROCHURE_1487296147.pdf MACCD Brochure
Employment Intake Questionnaire

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