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Welcome to the City of Peoria’s Office of Accounts Receivable!

Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

Peoria City Hall 419 Fulton Street, Room 111 Peoria, IL 61602-1282


Contact Us


Stormwater Utility Billing Inquiries:

Email: utilitybilling@peoriagov.org

Phone: 309-494-8807

 Stormwater Information Website

 Stormwater Billing Information Website

 Payment Website


Public Safety Pension Fee inquiries:

Email: publicsafetyfee@peoriagov.org

Phone: 309-494-8696

Peoria Public Safety Fee Informational Site

Payment Website


Licensing/Non-Utility Related Invoices/Municipal Tax Inquiries:

General A/R Email: AR@peoriagov.org

Phone: 309-494-8588


Rental Registration (Short-Term Rentals & Non-Owner Occupied Properties) Inquiries:

Email: rentalregistration@peoriagov.org

Phone: 309-494-8531

 Non-Owner Occupied Registration

 Short-Term Rental License


Parking Inquiries:

Email: parking@peoriagov.org

Phone: 309-494-8523

Parking Payments

Parking Enforcement: 309-494-8800

Parking Information

How Can We Help You?


Currently the City of Peoria has no standard business license, however the City does license specific businesses and occupational types. The business licenses administered by the Accounts Receivable Office are as follows:

Business Licenses

License Type Municipal Code
Bodywork-Establishment-License-Application_updated-2.2.19-to-reflect-initial-and-renewal-fees_1634922483.pdf Bodyworks Establishment Chapter 18, Article VII
Cannabis-Business-License-Application__1634921859.pdf Cannabis Business Chapter 18, Article XIX
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Carnival Chapter 18, Article II
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Cigarette/Tobacco Chapter 18, Article XIV
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Dance Hall Chapter 18, Article VI
Going-Out-Of-Business-Application_1634922076.pdf Going Out Of Business 815 ILCS 350/0.01: Fraudulent Sales Act
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Hotel/Motel Chapter 27, Article VII
Mobile-Food-Vehicle-Application_1634922142.pdf Mobile Food Vehicle Chapter 18, Article XVII
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Mobile Home Court Chapter 19
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Recyclable Metal Dealer Chapter 18, Article XVI
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Retail Gasoline Dealer Chapter 27, Article XII
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Secondhand Dealer Chapter 18, Article XI
Sexually_Oriented_Adult_Business_Application_1634922300.pdf Sexually Oriented Adult Business Chapter 18, Article III
Street_Vendor_Application-3_1634923512.pdf Street/Sidewalk Vendor Chapter 18, Article XII
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Tire Business Chapter 18, Article XXII
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Transient Merchant Chapter 18, Article XIII
Video-Gaming-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Video Gaming Chapter 18, Article IV


Professional Licenses

License Type Municipal Code
Stationary-Engineer-Boiler-Tender-Application_Rev-12-6-21_1638828726.pdf Boiler Tender Chapter 5, Article XII
HVAC_Electrical_Application_1634923747.pdf Electrical Contractor Chapter 5, Article IV, Division 3
HVAC_Electrical_Application_1634923747.pdf Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor (HVAC) Chapter 5, Article V, Division 2
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Parking Lot Paving Contractor Chapter 26, Article VII, Division 3
License-Application-Peddler__1634930703.pdf Peddler Chapter 18, Article IX
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Sewer Connector Contractor Chapter 31, Article II, Division 2
Stationary-Engineer-Boiler-Tender-Application_Rev-12-6-21_1638828726.pdf Stationary Engineer Chapter 5, Article XII
General-License-Application_1634921860.pdf Sidewalk/Driveway Contractor Chapter 26, Article VII, Division 3


Event Type Municipal Code
Public-Event-Application__1634933772.pdf Public Event Chapter 27, Article 1
Riverfront-Event-Application-_1634934103.pdf Riverfront Entertainment District City Ordinance 16,550


Rental Properties

Rental Property Type Municipal Code Application/Registration Info
 Non-Owner Occupied Property Registration Chapter 5, Article XIII Registration-Form_Rev.-2-10-21_1635170323.pdf Non-Owner Occupied Application
 Short-Term Rental License Registration & Tax Payment Link Chapter 27, Article VII, Sec 27-149 IMPORTANT!! Some Short-Term Rentals require a Special Use Permit.  For questions regarding this license or to find out if you need a Special Use Permit to operate your Short-Term Rental please contact the Community Development Department at 309-494-8600 or communitydevelopment@peoriagov.orgShort Term Rental Tax Return Worksheet: Short-Term-Rental-Tax-Return-Worksheet_fillable_10-3-2022_1664832414.pdf Short Term Rental Tax Return Worksheet


Municipal Sales Tax

The City of Peoria administers and collects several taxes (see below). The tax proceeds are paid directly to the City on a monthly basis (unless otherwise authorized).  To apply for a City Taxpayer ID number, which is required, please complete and submit the following application to our office: Tax-Fee-Application_6-17-20_1635258571.pdf City Tax Application

Municipal Tax Municipal Code
HRA-Tax-Return_6-17-20_1643638674.pdf Hotel-Restaurant-Amusement Municipal Tax (HRA)

For Short-Term Rental Use Only:
Short-Term-Rental-Tax-Return-Worksheet_fillable_10-3-2022_1664832414.pdf Short Term Rental Tax Return Worksheet

Hotel/Motel – Chapter 27, Article VII
Restaurant- Chapter 27, Article VIII
Amusement-Chapter 27, Article IX
Package-Liquor-Tax-Return-revised-June-2019__1635358268.pdf Packaged Liquor Chapter 27, Article XII
Business-Development-District-Hotel-Motel-tax-return-revised-June-2019_1635358314.pdf Business Development District Tax Chapter 27, Article XIV
Motor_Fuel_Tax_Return_rev-June-2019_1638828520.pdf Motor Fuel Tax Chapter 27, Article XII
Special Service Areas Special Service Area taxes are assessed in specific areas of the City: Westlake Shopping Center, Sterling-Rockwood (Portillo’s), and Peoria Sports Center. Please contact our office if you believe your business is located in one of these areas for further information or if you need tax return forms for these areas.


Other Taxes

Peoria County Property Tax Information

State of Illinois Sales & Use Taxes


Bicycle Registration Registration of bicycles helps track down lost or stolen bicycles. To register your bicycle, please contact the Peoria Police Department at 600 SW Adams Street, or by calling (309) 494-8300.
Bingo/Raffle License Contact the Peoria County Clerk’s Office at (309) 672-6059. Click the link to visit their site.
Food & Beverage License Peoria City/County Health Department, 2116 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria, IL 61604 or Phone (309) 679-6000. Click the link to visit their site.
Liquor License Contact the Peoria City Clerk’s Office at the City Hall Building, 419 Fulton Street, Room 401, Peoria, Illinois 61602 or phone (309) 494-8565. Click the link to visit their site.
Light Up The Bridge Program Questions regarding the Light Up The Bridge program can be directed to publicworks@peoriagov.org, 309-494-8800.
Applications can be submitted to A/R or to Public Works. Payments are received by the Treasurer’s Office. Click on the link for further information.

Parking Tickets


Email: parking@peoriagov.org
Phone: 309-494-8523
Parking Payments
Parking Enforcement: 309-494-8800
Parking Information


Most parking ticket fines are greatly reduced when paid within seven days of ticket issuance. Payment may be made online (link above)  or at the City Treasurer’s Office, City Hall Building, 419 Fulton Street, Room 100, Peoria, IL 61602.

Mailed payments must be postmarked by the United States Postal Service within seven days of the parking ticket issuance date. Private postal meters are not acceptable proof of mailing date.

Partial payments will result in our offer to settle at a lesser amount to be withdrawn.


Appeals are done on the payment website.  Click the link above, enter your citation number to search for your ticket (you can also find your ticket by license plate or VIN number).  Click on “Appeal” to complete the appeals form.

Parking Appeal

Parking Meter Holidays:

On the following holidays it is not necessary for you to feed your parking meter:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Non-Payment of Citations:

  • Payments received 8-30 days after the payment due date result in a $5.00 penalty fee.
  • Payments received 31 or more days after payment due date result in an additional $5.00 penalty fee
  • Unpaid Citations will be scheduled for a hearing before the Administrative Hearing Officer.
  • If you have 5 or more unpaid tickets, your vehicle is eligible for booting.
  • Your judgement balance will be referred to our 3rd party collections agency.
  • No City license will be issued to you until all outstanding monetary obligations are paid in full.

Additional penalties and collection costs will be assessed to each ticket.

Special Assessments

The City of Peoria makes improvements to streets, sidewalks, lighting, sewers, etc. jointly with the property owners. This procedure is called the Special Assessment process. The property owner will pay a portion of the improvement cost, and the City will pay the remaining portion.

After the completion of the Special Assessment court process, we will invoice the property owners. To request account information for your property, contact the Accounts Receivable Office at (309) 494-8588. You should be prepared to provide your parcel identification number.

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