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Welcome! The City of Peoria is glad you have stopped by to learn more about the 2019 budget. The budgeting process is one of creating an action plan. A good budget is reflective of Peoria’s priorities: strong public safety, excellent infrastructure, great neighborhoods and exceptional quality of life. While the final budget is adopted by the Mayor and City Council, that vote is representative of you.

January 2019

2019-Revised-Budget_1548106696.pdf 2019 Revised Budget(final)

November 13, 2018–Press Conference in Council Chambers

Peoria-2019-Revised-Budget-FAQ_1542142162.pdf Peoria 2019 Revised Budget FAQ

Peoria-2019-Revised-Budget_factsheet_1542142185.pdf Peoria 2019 Revised Budget_factsheet

2019-2023-Community-Investment-Plan-Detail-compressed_1542034522.pdf 2019 – 2023 Community Investment Plan Detail

2019-Revised-Budget-Book-10-23-18_1540845422.pdf 2019 Revised Budget 10-23-18

081418-Mid-year-Budget-Presentation_1534296221.pdf 081418 Mid year Budget Presentation

05_22_18-1st-Qtr-2018-Presentation_1527028920.pdf 05_22_18 1st Qtr 2018 Presentation

Prior Year Budgets

To view information on the 2018 Budget, click here.

2017-Budget-Resolution-Package-021017_1506013867.pdf To view information on the 2017 Amended Annual Budget, click here.

2016-2017-Final-Budget-to-Co_1506013510.pdf To view information on the 2016/17 Biennial Budget, click here.

To view information on the 2015 Budget, click here.

To view information on the 2014 Budget, click here.

To view information on the 2013 Budget, click here.

To view information on the 2012 and prior Budgets, click here.

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