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Stormwater Utility Bills

Stormwater utility bills are sent out to residents on a quarterly basis

For detailed information on the City of Peoria’s Stormwater Utility please visit: www.peoriastormwater.com

Calculating your Bill:

Current Rate for 2021: $5.00 / Billing Unit

Calculate Your Bill:  Billing Units* (Total from your bill) x $5.00 x 3 months

*Billing Units = Impervious Area in Sq. Ft. (this number is listed on your bill)

2021 Rate Increase

The Stormwater Utility (SWU) rate increased on January 1, 2021 from $4 to $5 per billing unit per month. Every property owner in the City of Peoria receives a bill four times per year that is calculated based on the amount of impervious surface on each property. Impervious areas are pavements, sidewalks, patios and buildings.

** Note the first bills received in 2021 may include months from different rate years. **

For those that receive their first quarterly 2021 bill in January 2021:
January 2021 – will include October, November and, December (all at the 2020 rate)

For those that receive their first quarterly 2021 bill in February 2021:
February 2021 – will include November and December (at the 2020 rate) and January (at the 2021 rate)

For those that receive their first quarterly 2021 bill in March 2021:
March 2021 – will include December (at the 2020 rate) and January and February (at the 2021 rate)

For those that receive their first quarterly 2021 bill in April 2021:
April 2021 – will include January, February, and March (all at the 2021 rate)

The rate increase was planned and included in Section 3-164 of the ordinance that created the stormwater utility. Stormwater utility funds are being used exclusively to pay for facilities and services to manage stormwater drainage in the City. The 2021/2022 City budget identifies projects and services that are being funded by the stormwater utility. Besides the construction projects to repair culverts, storm drainage pipes, and channels; city crews have also been busy collecting information about the locations and condition of the underground network of pipes that carry the runoff from our streets and properties. These inspections will be used to plan for improvements and repairs before unknown problems become emergency situations.


If you have any questions or want to report problems, email stormwater@peoriagov.org.

If you have questions regarding your bill, please contact Accounts Receivable 309-494-8807 or by email utilitybilling@peoriagov.org.

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