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The Peoria Fire Department is staffed by over two hundred highly trained professionals who are responsible for fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical service, hazardous material mitigation, fire prevention education, fire/arson investigation, fire code inspections, and community relations. We implement our services through four divisions:

  • Fire Administration
  • Fire Operations
  • Fire Training
  • Fire Prevention

We are very active in our community and believe in our slogan:

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Fire Administration

Fire Administration Division provides administrative and management services to ensure proper and adequate budgeting, program/policy research, and strategic planning to further the mission of the Peoria Fire Department.

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) accomplishes their tasks following the four doctrines of emergency management:


The Office of Emergency Management’s primary mission is to coordinate the efforts of the City, the business community, local volunteer organizations,and the residents of Peoria in all facets of disaster prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Activities include:

  • educate the public via multi-media presentations on severe weather, disaster response, and disaster recovery
  • maintain the City’s Emergency Operations Plan
  • maintain the City’s Outdoor Warning Siren System
  • coordinate disaster relief within the City of Peoria
  • coordinate assistance from State and federal disaster response organizations
  • interact with all agencies regarding homeland security and domestic preparedness

Fire Operations

Fire Operations is staffed by 192 personnel and operates out of 12 fire stations. This division is the most visible in the Department, responding to over 17,000 calls a year. Personnel in this division are highly trained in firefighting and emergency medical care and have specialized training in hazardous material mitigation, auto extrication, high-angle rescue, confined space, trench rescue, cold water/warm water rescue, and dive team rescue and recovery tactics.

Fire Training

Fire Training provides upgrade training and continuing education for members of the Peoria Fire Department in:

  • fire suppression techniques
  • emergency vehicle operations
  • vehicle extrication practices
  • cold water/warm water rescue
  • underwater search and rescue
  • water craft operations
  • confined space
  • trench rescue
  • high-angle/rope rescue
  • hazardous material operations
  • homeland security/WMD awareness

In addition, it is their responsibility to provide support services and assistance for site classes and meetings for outside agencies, maintain training records, facility rental and training for other departments, supply supervision for the physical agility testing, and be the resource center for books, videos and training aids.

The Peoria Fire Training Academy is a regional training site for the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI).

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention implements its services through four distinct offices:

  • Office of Fire Inspections
  • Office of Fire Investigations
  • Office of Emergency Medical Services
  • Office of Hazardous Materials

Office of Fire Inspections

The Office of Fire Inspections has these primary responsibilities:

  • Review new construction/remodel building plans for code compliance
  • Review installation plans for all fire protection systems
  • Conduct complaint inspections involving fire/life safety issues
  • Conduct training on evacuation procedures for the business community
  • Assist in all fire prevention/public education programs
  • Conduct fire inspections to ensure code compliance in:
    • high-rise buildings
    • large commercial buildings
    • theaters
    • hotel/motels
    • hospitals and medical centers
    • apartment complexes
    • public, private, and parochial schools
    • large condominium complexes
    • major shopping complexes
  • Conduct permit inspections for:
    • fireworks displays
    • tents or air supported structures
    • open burning/recreational fires (i.e. bonfires, campfires)
  • Certificates of Occupancy

Office of Fire Investigations

The Office of Fire Investigations has these primary responsibilities:

  • determine the cause and origin of all fires
  • collect and analyze fire scene evidence
  • interview suspects and witnesses
  • photograph and document fire scenes
  • assist in the prosecution of arsonists
  • spearhead the Juvenile Firesetters Intervention Program
  • conduct fire prevention inspections on issues concerning fire and life safety
  • conduct complaint inspections
  • conduct evacuation training for the business community
  • assist in all fire prevention/public education programs and initiatives

Office of Emergency Medical Services

The Office of Emergency Medical Services has the responsibilities for all functions of EMS delivery, including:

  • maintain the records/reports of all Peoria Fire Department EMS personnel
  • oversee the EMS upgrade/continuing education training
  • implement the EMS quality assurance program
  • provide logistical support for EMS operations

Office of Hazardous Material

The Office of Hazardous Material is responsible for all activities related to the management of the City’s hazardous material ordinance, along with State and federal regulations.

Daily functions include:

  • assign hazardous material inspections to inspectors
  • process and monitor the hazardous material permits issued to local businesses
  • assess and assign appropriate fees according to the City’s ordinance
  • coordinate training for the Hazardous Material Response Team
  • conduct after action review of hazardous material incidents
  • initiate billing process for reimbursement activities after incidents
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