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Fire Administration

The Fire Administration Division provides administrative and management services to ensure proper and adequate budgeting, program/policy research, and strategic planning to further the mission of the Peoria Fire Department.

Meet the Chief


Tony Ardis, Fire Chief
Office: 309-494-8731
Fax: 309-494-8777

E-mail:  aardis@peoriagov.org

Chief Ardis joined the Peoria Fire Department on May 9, 1994. In his many years of service he as served as a Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, Battalion Chief, Division Chief of Operations, and Assistant Fire Chief. He was promoted to his current position as Fire Chief on November 30, 2019.

Chief Ardis is the first Fire Chief to hold a paramedic license. He was an original member of the Peoria Fire Department Dive Team, holding certifications as a rescue diver and an ice diver.  Chief Ardis is also State certified as a Hazardous Materials Technician A and B. He is the commander of the Peoria Fire Department’s Tactical Medic Program which provides medical support to the Peoria Police SRT and the Illinois State Police SWAT Team during tactical operations.

Chief Ardis is a graduate of Bradley University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and also has an Associates Degree in Fire Science from Illinois Central College. He has been a member of the Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors for over 20 years.

Sherry Doran, Administrative Specialist III

Office:  309-494-8729
Fax:  309-494-8783
E-mail:  sdoran@peoriagov.org

Melissa Buhl, Fiscal Technician II
Office:  309-494-8740
Fax:  309-494-8777
E-mail:  mbuhl@peoriagov.org

 backman j

James Bachman, Assistant Fire Chief
Office:  309-494-8730
Fax:  309-494-8777
E-mail: jbachman@peoriagov.org

Chief James Bachman is the Assistant Fire Chief for the Peoria Fire Department. Chief Bachman has been a member of the department since May 9, 1994,  and began in his current position on November 30, 2019.
He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and also has an Associates Degree in Fire Science from John Wood Community College.  Chief Bachman has been a member of the Hazardous Materials Specialty Team since 2006. His previous position was Fire Division Chief of Operations.


Fire Operations is staffed by 200+ personnel and operates out of 12 fire stations. This division is the most visible in the Department; responding to over 20,000 calls per year. Personnel in this division are highly trained in firefighting and emergency medical care and have specialized training in hazardous material mitigation, auto extrication, high-angle rescue, confined space, trench rescue, cold water/warm water rescue, and dive team rescue and recovery tactics.




Shawn Sollberger, Division Chief of Operations
Office:  309-494-8732
Fax:  309-494-8777
E-mail:   ssollberger@peoriagov.org

Chief Sollberger began his career with the department on April 3, 1998, and began his current position as Division Chief of Operations on November 30, 2019. He has served on the Local #50 Executive Board for 16 years.

Chief Sollberger is a graduate of Illinois Central College with an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science.  Chief Sollberger has been a member of the Dive Team, Haz-Mat Team, and the TRT Team during his tenure with the department. His previous position was Fire Battalion Chief.




Cecilia Buckner, Administrative Specialist II
Office:  309-494-8727
Fax:  309-494-8777
E-mail:  cbuckner@peoriagov.org

Emergency Medical Services

The Office of Emergency Medical Services, under the supervision of Battalion Chief of EMS Roland Tenley, is assigned the responsibility of providing administrative support to the fire department’s EMS services.

The primary responsibilities of this office are as follows:

  • Maintain the records/reports of all PFD EMS personnel
  • Oversee the EMS upgrade/continuing education training
  • Implement the EMS quality assurance program
  • Provide logistical support for EMS operations
  • Liaison with the Peoria Area EMS office and the Project Medical Director


Roland Tenley, Battalion Chief of EMS
Office:  309-494-8794
Fax:  309-494-8777
E-mail:  rtenley@peoriagov.org



Fire Prevention

taylor s

Stanley Taylor, Division Chief of Fire Prevention
Office:  309-494-8733
Fax:  309-494-8787
E-mail:  staylor@peoriagov.org

The Fire Prevention Division implements its services through three distinct offices: fire/life safety prevention and mitigation, fire cause, determination and investigation, and hazardous materials training and inspections.

Chief Stanley Taylor is the Division Chief of Fire Prevention and has been a member of the Peoria Fire Department since 1990. Division Chief Taylor received his Associates in Fire Science from Illinois Central College and his Bachelors of Science in Public Safety from Capella University. Division Chief Taylor has specialized training in fire/life safety inspections and plan review, building structures and systems, hazardous materials, emergency management planning and operations, and has taken numerous National Fire Academy courses and command classes.

Division Chief Taylor is married to Jan and they live with their Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Biscuit.


Fire Inspections

The mission of the Office of Fire Inspections is to pursue proactive avenues of fire and life safety hazard risk reduction through the enforcement of the adopted Codes. Its primary goal is the reduction of life loss, personal injury, and property damage from fire or explosions.

The Office of Fire Inspections has the following responsibilities.

  • Review new construction/remodel building plans for code compliance
  • Review installation plans for all fire protection systems
  • Conduct fire inspections to ensure code compliance in:
    • high rise buildings
    • large commercial buildings
    • theaters
    • hotel/motels
    • hospitals and medical centers
    • apartment complexes
    • public, private, and parochial schools
    • large condominium complexes
    • major shopping complexes
  • Conduct complaint inspections involving fire/life safety issues
  • Conduct permit site inspections for:
    • fireworks displays
    • tents or air supported structures
    • open burning/recreational fires (i.e. bonfires, campfires)
  • Certificate of Occupancies
  • Conduct training on evacuation procedures for the business community
  • Assist in all fire prevention/public education programs

Charles Perrin, Fire Engineer/Fire Inspector
Office:  309-494-8735
Fax: 309-494-8787
E-mail:  cperrin@peoriagov.org


Fire Investigations

The Mission of the Office of Fire Investigations is to provide a systematic and comprehensive approach to determine the cause and origin of fires in Peoria.

Office of Fire Investigations has the primary responsibilities to:

  • determine the cause and origin of all fires
  • collect and analyze fire scene evidence
  • interview suspects and witnesses
  • photograph and document fire scenes
  • assist in the prosecution of arsonists
  • spearhead the juvenile fire setters intervention program
  • conduct fire prevention inspections on issues concerning fire and life safety
  • conduct complaint inspections
  • conduct evacuation training for the business community
  • assist in all fire prevention/public education programs and initiatives

Bradley Pierson, Firefighter/Fire Investigator
Office:  309-494-8734
Fax:  309-494-8777
E-mail:  bpierson@peoriagov.org

Josh Harris, Fire Captain/Fire Investigator
Office: 309-494-8726
Fax:  309-494-8777
E-mail: jharris@peoriagov.org

Hazardous Materials

The Office of Hazardous Materials, under the supervision of the Hazardous Materials Coordinator, is responsible for all activities related to the management of the City’s hazardous materials ordinance, along with state and federal regulations.

Daily functions include the following:

  • Assign hazardous materials inspections to inspectors
  • Process and monitor the hazardous materials permits issued to local businesses
  • Assess and assign appropriate fees according to the city’s ordinance
  • Coordinate training for the hazardous materials response team
  • Conduct after action review of hazardous materials incidents
  • Initiate billing process for reimbursement activities after incidents

Marvin Roderick, Fire Captain/Hazardous Materials Coordinator
Office:  309-494-8736
Fax:  309-494-8787
E-mail:  mroderick@peoriagov.org

Scott Venzon, Fire Captain/Hazardous Materials Inspector
Office:  309-494-8773
Fax:  309-494-8787
E-mail:  svenzon@peoriagov.org

Tactical and Administrative Support

morgan m

Michael Morgan, Division Chief of Training
Office:  309-494-8755
Fax:  309-494-8724
E-mail:  mmorgan@peoriagov.org

Chief Morgan holds the position of Division Chief of Training and in this position he oversees the Peoria Fire Training Academy. He entered the fire service in 1987 and joined the Peoria Fire Department on April 23, 1990. Chief Morgan was promoted to his current position on January 2, 2018, after serving as a Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, and 8 years as a Battalion Chief on Shift 2. He has served as an original member of the Dive Rescue Team for 19 years and an original member of the Technical Rescue Team, overseeing both.

Chief Morgan is a graduate of Illinois Central College, earning two Associate Degrees; one in Business Management and one in Fire Science Technology. He holds several certifications from the University of Illinois, Illinois State Fire Marshall, FDIC, PADI and ERDI.

Chief Morgan is happily married to his wife Gwen of 27 years and is very proud of his four children.

Fire Training provides upgrade training and continuing education for members of the Peoria Fire Department in the following areas:

  • Fire suppression techniques
  • Emergency vehicle operations
  • Vehicle extrication practices
  • Cold water/warm water rescue
  • Underwater search and rescue
  • Water craft operations
  • Confined space
  • Trench rescue
  • High-angle/rope rescue
  • Hazardous materials operations
  • Homeland security/weapons of mass destruction awareness

In addition, the Peoria Fire Training Academy provides support services and assistance for site classes and meetings for outside agencies, maintains training records, offers facility rental and training for other departments, supplies supervision for the physical agility examination, and is the resource center for books, videos and training aids.

The Peoria Fire Training Academy is a regional training site for the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI).

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

The Office of Emergency Management’s primary mission is to coordinate the efforts of the City, the business community, local volunteer agencies, and the residents of Peoria in all facets of disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

The Office of Emergency Management accomplishes their tasks following the four doctrines of emergency management, which are:

  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery
  • Mitigation

Many of the activities include:

  • Educating the public via multi-media presentations on severe weather, disaster response, and disaster recovery
  • Maintaining of the City’s Emergency Operations Plan
  • Maintaining of the City’s Outdoor Warning Siren System

Michael Vaughn, Senior OEM Planner
Office:  309-494-8077
Fax:  309-494-8080
E-mail:  mvaughn@peoriagov.org

Fire Garage

The Peoria Fire Department Fire Garage is manned by two Emergency Vehicle Technicians that are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of all of the department’s emergency vehicles as well as other fire suppression equipment such as ladders, saws, and generators. These emergency vehicles are worth approximately four million dollars and must be well maintained and in good running condition at all times.
The fire garage is centrally located and is adjoined to Fire Station #8.

Rodney Doran, Crew Chief 
Office: 309-494-8709
E-mail:  rdoran@peoriagov.org

Raymond Maroon, Fire Mechanic
Office: 309-494-8709
E-mail:  rmaroon@peoriagov.org

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