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2019 Original Operating Budget: $19,213,222
Facilities: 12 Fire Stations, Training Academy, Fire Garage, ESDA/OEM Office
Number of Divisions: 4 (Administration, Operations, Training, and Prevention)
Personnel: 200
Number of Civilian Administrative Personnel: 4
Number of Commissioned Administrative Personnel: 12
Number of Fire Mechanics: 2
Number of Firefighters: 182
Shifts: Three 24-hour Shifts (24 hours on, 48 hours off)
Starting Salary for Firefighters: $54,124.80
Battalions/Square Miles: 2 Battalions/50 square miles

  • 2019 Responses: 20,337
  • Structure fires: 277
  • Vehicle fires: 74
  • Grass fire/vegetation fires: 28
  • Fires in Rubbish, Including Dumpsters: 45
  • Rescue and Emergency Medical Calls: 16,267
  • Hazardous Material Responses: 270
  • Mutual Aid Given: 25
  • False Alarms: 1,744
  • Miscellaneous responses 1,607

Specialty Teams: Dive Team, Hazardous Material Team, Technical Rescue Team

Emergency Response Calls – 01/01/2020 to 09/30/2020:  ERS-Year-to-Date-2020_1602682752.pdf ERS Year to Date 2020

Department responses by Council District:

November-2019-Report-by-Council-District_1576773470.pdf November 2019 Report by Council District

December-2019-Report-by-Council-District_1578499477.pdf December 2019 Report by Council District

January-2020-Report-by-Council-District_1581526115.pdf January 2020 Report by Council District

February-2020-Report-by-Council-District_1585574181.pdf February 2020 Report by Council District

March-2020-Report-by-Council-District_1586974907.pdf March 2020 Report by Council District

April 2020 Report by Council District

May-2020-Report-by-Council-District_1591795834.pdf May 2020 Report by Council District

June 2020 Report by Council District

July 2020 Report by Council District

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