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Innovation Team – Overview

Peoria’s Innovation Lab

Overview_Image1A Mandate to Innovate
The City of Peoria Innovation Team (or i-team, for short) functions as an in-house innovation consultant, moving from one community priority to the next. Given direction from the Mayor and City Council, the i-team sets out on a rigorous innovation process to suggest novel solutions to pressing problems.

From comprehensive solutions to sewage overflowing into the Illinois River that help spur economic development in Peoria’s historic neighborhoods to building capacity in City Hall for incremental innovations and data-informed governance, you can learn more about the team’s work on the Our Work page.

Launched through an i-teams Grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies

Bloomberg Philanthropies believes city leaders need a dedicated focus on innovation – and began investing in city hall innovation teams (i-teams) in 2012. Peoria was one of nearly 20 cities around the world that was selected to participate in the second phase the program. Launched in 2015, Peoria’s i-team works closely, and supportively, with their colleagues across city government—offering them a different set of tools and techniques to innovate more effectively. In partnership with these colleagues, the i-team aims to deeply understand the problem they are trying to solve by building empathy for the people impacted by it and then work quickly and creatively to co-create and test solutions that deliver meaningful results for residents.

i-team Innovation Process

Overview_Image2Human-Centered and Iterative
The first step that the i-team takes when tackling an issue is to take a deep dive into investigating the heart of the issue and the people that are affected. During this stage, large amounts of quantitative data are paired with qualitative data generated from extensive interviews with residents. This mix of data ensures our solutions will stand on a strong foundation, yet be sensitive to the unique concerns of our local communities. Next, the i-team looks to see how other cities or organizations have tackled similar issues in their own backyards to see what Peoria can learn from others. When a solution is ready to be implemented, the i-team partners with other City of Peoria departments or entities outside of the City. As partners put the solution into practice, the i-team stays on to ensure success and to assist with adaptations that need to be made based on continuing performance management.






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