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Pavement Preservation Program Underway 

Road repairs slated for all five City of Peoria council districts  
Upgrades are ahead for several City of Peoria streets in the coming days. Roadwork is scheduled to begin citywide starting this Thursday, August 19, weather permitting. 
The repairs are part of the Public Works Department’s 2021 Pavement Preservation Program. A breakdown of the streets by district is listed on the City of Peoria website. Visit the Public Works Department page and click “Pavement Preservation,” at peoriagov.org/public-works. 
What Type of Work?
The work will consist of street sweeping and slurry seal. Slurry seal involves the placement of a mixture of water, an asphalt emulsion and small crushed rock on the road surface. Crews will address needed repairs on both sides of the assigned roads, with various roads being closed for a few hours while the material cures. Once cured, slurry seal provides a protective layer over the existing pavement surface, extending the durability and lifespan of the asphalt road. 
Pay Attention to Signage  
No Parking and other traffic signs will be placed on various City streets as soon as possible, before work begins. Residents may be required to find alternative, off-street parking in some areas. Driveways may have limited access for periods of 1-2 hours during the process, however, emergency vehicles will have access at all times. Traffic signs will remain in place until work is complete. The work should wrap up in one week. 


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