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Welcome to the Peoria Police Department’s Official web site.  We hope you find it to be informative and responsive to your needs.  The Peoria Police Department is absolutely dedicated to making our City safer and improving the quality of life on every street, every block, and every neighborhood.  This Department will not be content with the status quo.  We will not be content with the open drug dealing and prostitution. We will not be accepting of the crime and disorder that can destroy a community.  It is the goal of every member of this Department, to foster positive change by raising the bar of behavior that is deemed acceptable in our neighborhoods.  In many instances, it is not actual crime that destroys public confidence and security.  It is often the totality of minor acts of disorderliness that foster an exaggerated perception of crime.

Every person, regardless of race, ethnicity, or income level has a right to walk out of their home and not be bombarded on a daily basis by the types of activities that can destroy quality of life.  As a community, we must re-educate those that would disturb the peace.  We must cease to tolerate the littering, loitering, loud music, profane language and other “minor” violations of the laws and ordinances.  We must as a society regain a sense of respect; respect for our elders, our neighbors, and our neighborhoods.  The police play a major role in this effort but quite frankly, we cannot do it alone.  If we are to be successful in launching a major upswing in quality of life in Peoria, we must all work together, in every facet of our society.  The men and women of the Peoria Police Department are professionals, committed to serve and protect with respect.  We are dedicated to not only fighting serious crime but also to fixing the “broken windows” and paying attention to the details.  We ask that you join us in our efforts and together we can help make the great City of Peoria even greater.

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The men and women of the Peoria Police Department are dedicated to building a strong Peoria.  Through the delivery of exemplary service with a focus on problem solving, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life in our neighborhoods by “Building a Partnership” with the community we serve.

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If you need assistance please contact the Police Department on the non-emergency line, 309/673-4521.  In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1. See the below sections for additional ways to contact us.

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