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Drug / Nuisance Property

The Peoria Police Department has now made available online the addresses of properties where nuisance letters were sent in accordance with Peoria City Code 20-200.   Nuisance letters are sent to landlords, tenants and/or homeowners where illegal drug activity has occurred.  When a landlord or homeowner receives a nuisance letter they are required to abate the nuisance up to and including eviction.  By using this website, you will be able to view public records of individuals related to the nuisance letter who were arrested for narcotics possession or other offenses during search warrants or other illegal activity.

The following individuals were arrested for various offenses at the listed addresses.  It is hoped that the photos of the arrested individuals will serve as a deterrent to others.  It is not a comprehensive list of all individuals arrested by the Peoria Police Department.  The names, identities and information appear here as they were provided to Peoria Police Officers at the time of arrest.

This site is in response to complaints from citizens regarding drug dealing and other unlawful acts that disrupt the quality of life throughout Peoria’s neighborhoods. It has been created to help the citizens of Peoria, neighborhood associations and landlords in deterring illegal activity in their neighborhoods.   All photos and information will automatically be removed one year from the date of arrest.  This section will be updated on an as needed basis for as long as this information remains a useful tool to the citizens of Peoria.

The Peoria Police Department has a new tool for fighting nuisance properties.  The Nuisance Property Surveillance Vehicle is a refurbished armored truck that is outfitted with a surveillance system.  The “Armadillo” can be parked in front of drug houses or other properties where quality-of-life issues plague neighborhoods.

If you feel that a property in your neighborhood may qualify for the Nuisance Property Surveillance Vehicle, email your request to the Nuisance Abatement Officer at Please note that a request does not guarantee deployment.  Requests will only result in the deployment of the Armadillo when the target property meets the necessary criteria.

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The following individuals have been arrested and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.