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Peoria Public Works Rolls Out ‘Paint a Plow’ Campaign


Program builds awareness of winter driver safety and snow fighting efforts

The warm summer sun may have chilly winter snow far from your mind, but a new initiative created in 2020 by the Peoria Public Works Department will have you thinking of the cold season well before it hits. The Paint a Plow program aims to educate residents of all ages about some of the best practices drivers and pedestrians should follow when encountering snowplows on Peoria roads.

How It Works 
Participants build a sense of community and engage in discussions surrounding winter weather safety when painting winter safety messaging on a City snowplow blade. Then, come late fall, the art covered blades will be mounted to a plow truck and used by Public Works to fight snow throughout the winter season.

“Over the years we’ve seen a lot of hesitation and concerning driving behaviors when motorists encounter snowplows or approach our salt trucks,” said Public Works Deputy Director of Operations, Sie Maroon. “We often promote work zone safety reminders, but we rarely talk about how motorists should adapt their driving around our wintertime machinery.”

Interested in Learning More? 
The program is open to Peoria schools and nonprofit organizations. Peoria Public Works is accepting applications for summer/fall 2021 now through mid-September 2021. Those who are interested should review the program overview, and complete an application and participation waiver that can be found on the city of Peoria website. Just search for “Paint a Plow” or click here: peoriagov.org/paint-a-plow/.

“We hope this program gets the safety conversation going early on, before snow hits,” said Maroon. “Everyone needs to know how to safely interact with our snow fighters. This should help.”

Email Peoria Public Works at publicworks@peoria.gov.

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