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Drainage Assistance Program

Drainage Assistance Program – Private Property


2016 Update:  The program funds for 2016 have been committed. We are unable to accept additional applications at this time. 

 The Drainage Assistance Program has in the past been an annual program. However, the City Council makes the final decision regarding the City budget.

 Please note that the application must be approved and signed by the City of Peoria prior to the work being done, or the City cannot participate in the cost of the improvement. Work completed without an approved application will not be eligible for reimbursement.  

 Because of the potential for program changes, we cannot approve applications in 2016 for the 2017 program. Please contact us in 2017 to find out if the program has been funded for 2017 and if there are any changes to the program. Assuming that the program is funded next year, we will be accepting applications beginning January 2017.  


For storm water related problems on private property, citizens may qualify for City assistance to reduce or fix the problem. To qualify, the source of water causing the problem must be coming from other properties that are beyond your control. If this condition is met, the City of Peoria will look at ways to help you reduce or stop further damage or erosion from this water on your property.

A. The program can only be used one time per property.
B. The structure must be older than 10 years.
C. Most newer (less than 10-15 years) subdivisions are excluded (on the plat) from this program.
D. There has to be damage- flooding, erosion, failing wall, slope failure, etc.
E. The damage must be caused by offsite storm water- storm water that is not within the property owners’ control.
F. The proposed repair must fix the damage and/or prevent future damage.
G. The project must be accepted into the program BEFORE any work is done.

A. Sump pumps and downspout problems/repairs. (See Sump-Pump-Brochure-rev-4.8.19_1554745046.pdf Sump Pump Brochure)
B. Basement waterproofing or other interior repairs.
C. Gutters or other repairs on a structure.
D. Repairs that violate local, state, or federal laws i.e. cannot block the upstream (by gravity) flow of runoff.
E. Work done BEFORE being accepted into the program.

Currently, the City reimburses the property owner 75% of the cost of any chosen repair that is $10,000 or less (i.e., maximum City reimbursement of $7,500). For repairs over $10,000, the property owner is responsible for 100% of the cost above the $10,000 limit. Please note that in order to participate in the program you must pay Prevailing Wages in accordance with State of Illinois Statutes.

Contact Information:
Public Works Department, Engineering Division
3505 N. Dries Lane
Peoria, Illinois 61602
(309) 494-8800

To request an application, or for additional information, please call the Public Works Engineering Division at 309-494-8800 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

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