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Our commitment to beautify Peoria is taking on new heights

The city of Peoria has been working with The Efficiency Network (TEN) to develop a project to upgrade the City’s street lights to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and provide better quality lighting.  This project entails upgrading existing City-owned high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights to energy efficient and long lasting LED fixtures.

You can track the progress of the project on the map below. This map will be updated as the lighting fixtures are replaced. The legend (descriptive table) of the lights can be found in the image below.

What it Means:


  • Red dots with an “N” have not been retrofitted. They will be changed to green dots when complete.
  • Blue dots are lights that will not be retrofitted. Those with an “X” are not owned by Peoria.  Those with an “N” are already high efficient LED Fixtures.
  • Red dots with and “I” are owned by IDOT and are part of this project. Once retrofitted they will turn green.
  • Green dots with a “Y” are complete.
  • Ameren Illinois owned wood pole street lights are not included.

Link to Map Here or See Below

More On the Project:
The future is looking brighter for Peoria’s streets thanks to a budget neutral initiative to replace more than 6,000 City-owned streetlights with high performance LED lighting. On Tuesday, June 23, 2020 the City Council approved and granted authorization for Peoria to enter into an agreement with TEN.

Under the plan, high pressure sodium and other outdated streetlighting will be upgraded to LEDs. With the council’s sign-off, crews are beginning installation in August, once the City secures a financing agreement. The retrofit lights will create a similar effect to the example below.

The LED Streetlight Upgrade Project will pay for the initial upgrade with operational savings over time through an energy efficiency upgrade model often used for institutional buildings or campuses. In the first year alone, the improvements will save a projected $176,000 in energy and utility costs and $10,000 in maintenance hard costs. Additionally, the City is expected to receive up to $430,000 in rebates from Ameren Illinois through their Energy Efficiency Program once the project is complete. These savings will be used to offset project costs, making the program budget neutral.

The upgrades support the City’s continued commitment to environmental sustainability and green infrastructure. The changes will also bring a brighter, more consistent lighting to City streets while providing enhanced visibility for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Reduction of energy use equivalent to the electricity required to power 275 homes.
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 475 vehicles off Peoria streets.

Example of Before and After:

Want to Know More?
More information about the initiative and project schedule will be shared on the City’s website, peoriagov.org, as it becomes available. Questions can be directed to Anthony Corso, Chief Innovation Officer, acorso@peoriagov.org.

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