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Address Assignments

The Public Works Permits Division assigns all new addresses within the City limits.

The updated address is the first step in the City of Peoria’s permitting process. All new construction must apply for an address, even if the empty lot or former building is already using an address. The Public Works Department must verify that the previous address is consistent with the layout of the new building and the City’s grid system.

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    The Peoria GIS website is an excellent resource to find property information including approximate boundaries, right-of-way locations, and street address locations. All the information is mapped over aerial photographs of Peoria County.
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Obtaining an Address for a New Commercial Building

The first step in the approval process for new commercial construction is to obtain a temporary address for the building. The address is considered “temporary” until all plans are finalized and all Public Works permits are issued and paid. Applicants will be required to submit a preliminary site plan including the layout of the building on the lot and the location of the front door.

Obtaining an Address for a New Residential Building

An updated address must be issued prior to obtaining building permits. Even if the lot has already been assigned an address, any new residential construction must submit an address-permits request form so that permits may be issued.

Applicants must submit a completed Revised-COP-Address-Request-Form-07232013_1374786749.doc application and an 8 ½” x 11” site plan.

Site Plan Requirements:

  • Building layout with lot lines including the location of the front door.
  • The location of any storm sewer inlets located along the frontage.
  • Utility easements.
  • Location and width of driveway and sidewalks.

Once the address request is received, the issued address along with any Public Works permit information will be sent to the Building Inspections Department.

Please allow two business days for review and then contact Building Inspections for the next step in the permitting process. The applicant will not be contacted by Public Works once the application is processed unless the address and permits are issued earlier than the allotted period.

Submitting Address Requests

There are several options for submitting address request application and site plan.

    City of Peoria Public Works Department
    Permits Division: Address Request
    3505 N. Dries Lane
    Peoria, Illinois 61604
  • FAX:
  • EMAIL:
    pwpermits@peoriagov.org Include the phrase “address request for lot # subdivision #” somewhere in the subject line
  • Please call (309)494-8800 for more information.

Existing Address Changes or Corrections

The Public Works Permits Division reviews all address corrections or changes. If you want to change the address of your building, complete the application and submit it to the Right-Of-Way Permits Division at the address above.

Please call (309)494-8800 for more information.

New and Changed Addresses

The City of Peoria is constantly growing and changing. The Public Works Department manages the addressing system within the limits of the City of Peoria.

City of Peoria Public Works
Right-Of-Way Management and Permits
3505 N. Dries Lane
Peoria, Illinois 61604-1210

The address numbers for most new subdivisions (platted after the spring of 2007) are printed on the plat itself. If the subdivision you need is not listed below, try the Planning and Growth Department Annexations and Plats website to search for the official recorded plat.

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New Addresses in Peoria

The listed addresses and parcel identification numbers are for reference use only. All addresses and parcel identification numbers are to be considered temporary and are subject to change at the sole discretion of the City of Peoria or the County Assessors Office. Addresses will be official after receipt and processing of an address application form with site plan and assignment of appropriate Public Works permits. Parcel identification numbers (or “Tax IDs”) are considered official when assessments are completed for a given Township.

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