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The Peoria Public Works Department is dedicated to improving the quality of the City’s far reaching infrastructure through best management practices and by providing high levels of customer service to business owners/operators, residents, and visitors alike.

The Department’s team strives to plan, design, build, maintain and operate public infrastructure in a manner that respects historical architecture, the community and environment while preserving the City’s assets for succeeding generations. The Department is made up of three divisions: Finance, Administration and Communications, Operations and Engineering.

Finance, Administration, and Communications

The Finance, Administration, and Communications Division consists of the Public Works Director and administrative and communications staff. The main focus of the Administration Division is to oversee the Department and to provide direction and budget management. Also included is the oversight of the City’s recycling, yard waste and trash contract, management of the Mayor’s Youth Program, Paint a Plow Program, as well as support for the Commission which oversees the City/County Landfill located in Edwards, Ill.


The City Engineer leads the Engineering Division. This group leads the planning and development of the annual Community Investment Plan program (CIP), oversees the development of construction drawings, and monitors construction projects through various consulting contracts. This group also oversees the stormwater utility, solid waste contract (recycling, yard waste. and trash services), the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Project, City facilities, Public Works GIS and Right-of-way permitting. The engineering division reviews plans for development projects to assure compliance with City standards.

Some of the specialized areas this Division handles are: road projects, Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Project, storm water projects, stormwater utility credits and grants,  Erosion Control permits, Floodplain administration, Neighborhood Block Party permits, Right-of-Way Management, Sidewalk Programs (Sidewalk Participation and SINR – Sidewalks In Need of Repair), the Special Assessment Program, and Street Address Assignments.


This Division is led by the Deputy Director of Operations. This Division is responsible for the maintenance of the City’s 485 miles of streets. Street sweeping is provided for the entire City at least two times per year with more frequent sweeping in the downtown area. The sewer crews are kept busy maintaining the City’s storm system that includes over 9,000 inlets.

Forestry services were added to this Division in 2010, and that work includes tree removals and mowing of grass on City-owned lots, in City rights-of-way and in boulevard areas. These services are provided by contract. Between 150 and 200 trees are removed annually under one of our contracts, and limb removal and tree trimming operations are performed by City staff and contractors, as needed and when time permits.

Snow removal services are provided by this Division each winter. For storm response, the staff moves to a 12-hour split shift to provide around-the-clock response to storm events. The City’s fleet of snow plows are used during storm events and the crews use road salt or a mix of road salt and sand, depending on weather conditions. Pre-treatment with a liquid form brine or calcium chloride is used when needed, to provide for anti-icing.

Most of the streets within the limits of the City of Peoria are the responsibility of the City of Peoria. However, there are some streets that are not the responsibility of the City of Peoria for maintenance and snow removal. The State of Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has the responsibility for War Memorial Drive, I-74, Route 6, and Knoxville north of War Memorial Drive. Peoria County also has a few roadways in the City that they are responsible for and these include Charter Oak Road west of Big Hollow Road, Big Hollow Road, Willow Knolls Road, Wilhelm Road and a few others throughout the City.

The Operations Division also encompasses traffic control including electricians, the sign shop, parking meter management, and a traffic painting crew.

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