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Fee Schedule

Address Assignments and Maintenance
No charge

Block Party Permit
No charge for the permit
$25.00 Refundable Deposit for the use of Barricades

Dumpster Right-Of-Way Use Permit
$20.00 for each 30 days

Excavation Permits

  • Excavation in the Right-Of-Way, not affecting sidewalk, drive approach or pavement:  $45.00
  • Sidewalk or Drive Approach:  If any part of the excavation is in the sidewalk:  $45.00 plus additional permit fee as necessary to replace the drive approach, sidewalk or curb, plus sidewalk closure fee, per day. See below.
  • Street or Alley:  If any part of the excavation is in the paved portion of street or alley:  $45.00 for the first 15 square feet plus $3.00 for each additional square foot above 15 square feet, plus closure fee, per day.

In addition to the permit fee, excavations in the paved portion of the right-of-way are subject to a degradation fee to recover the cost of the degradation to the life of the pavement.  The degradation fee is $7.50 per square yard of the “area of influence.” The dimensions of the “area of influence” are the dimensions of the excavated opening, plus 2.5 feet on each side.

Lane/Sidewalk Closure Fee
Up to 7 days For Each Day 8-180
Red Snow Routes (Primary Streets) $100.00 $130.00 /lane/day
All other streets on Off Routes $100.00 $25.00 /lane/day
Alleys $50.00 $10.00 /day
Sidewalk $30.00 $3.00 /day
      *Sidewalk fee waived if adjacent street closure is permitted for the same day

Portable Storage Container Right-of-Way Use Permit

$20. oo for each 30 days

Note:  Use of the parking lane alone, with no disruption of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, for reasons including but not limited to the storage of equipment, dumpsters or portable storage units, is subject to a $20.00 fee for each 30 days.

City Meter Hood Rentals: (Contact Heartland Parking at 674-1850)
Daily:  $8.00 per meter
Monthly:  $160.00 per meter
If the hood is lost, stolen or damaged, the Renter will be assessed a fee of $25.00 – $50.00

Parking Lot Permits (Construction or Repair)
0 – 7,000 square feet $20.00
7,001 – 30,000 square feet $25.00
30,001 square feet and above $30.00
Pavement Replacement Charge
The following fees are only charged if the City crews perform the pavement restoration:
Asphalt on concrete base or brick $125.00 per sq. yd.
Asphalt on gravel or stone base $75.00 per sq. ft.
Brick on concrete base (Madison Manor) $200.00 per sq. yd.
Brick on earth or sand $140.00 per sq. yd.
Combination curb and gutter $50.00 per lin. ft.
Concrete pavement $150.00 per sq. yd.
Earth opening or inspection charge $45.00 each
Four-inch sidewalk $6.00 per sq. ft.
Six-inch by 12-inch concrete curb $40.00 per lin. ft
Permit Surcharge for Failure to Obtain a Permit prior to the start of work:
First Offense Written Warning
Second Offense $1,000.00 in addition to required permit fees
Each offense thereafter Surcharge cumulatively increased by $1,000.00
Sidewalk and Drive Approach Permits (Commercial)
Drive Approach (Each): $40.00
Under 50 square feet no permit required
Over 50 square feet and up to 70 lineal feet $25.00
71 lineal feet and over $0.35/additional LF
Curb Only:
Over 10 lineal feet $25.00
Sidewalk and Drive Approach Permits (Residential)
Sidewalk/Drive Approach constructed simultaneously:
     Over 50 square feet and up to 70 lineal feet – $40.00
     71 lineal feet and over – $0.35/additional LF
Sidewalk only:
     Under 50 square feet – no permit required
     Over 50 square feet and up to 70 lineal feet – $25.00
     71 lineal feet and over – $0.35/additional LF
Drive Approach only (Each): $20.00
Curb only:
     Over 10 lineal feet – $25.00
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