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View information about a series of public meetings that were held in October/November 2012:

Infrastructure Design Standards – Focus Group Information

Agenda for the Special Policy Council Session regarding the process of revising the Infrastructure Design Standards/Subdivision Manual of Practice for the City of Peoria:

Agenda Packet 3-5-2013
March-19-2013-Minutes-of-Policy-Session_1415894853.pdf March 19 2013 Minutes of Policy Session

 Pavement Presentations:

Asphalt-Presentation_May-2013_1415894368.pdf Asphalt Presentation_May 2013
Concrete-Presentation_May-2013_1415894394.pdf Concrete Presentation_May 2013
Pavement-Presentation_JSmith-May-2013_1415894447.pdf Pavement Presentation_JSmith May 2013

Infrastructure Design Standards Manual

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