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Streets and Sidewalks

Most of the streets within the limits of the City of Peoria are the responsibility of the City of Peoria. However, there are some streets that are not the responsibility of the City of Peoria for maintenance and snow removal. The State of Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has the responsibility for War Memorial Drive, I-74, Route 6, and Knoxville north of War Memorial Drive. Peoria County also has a few roadways within the City that they are responsible for, including Charter Oak Road west of Big Hollow Road, Big Hollow Road, Willow Knolls Road, Wilhelm Road and a few others.

Alley and Street Maintenance

To inquire about street sweeping, request street maintenance, request oiling, grading or to report potholes in City streets or alleys, contact:

Operations & Maintenance
3505 N. Dries Ln.
Peoria, Illinois 61604
(309) 494-8800


The City of Peoria plans to seal-coat approximately 57 miles of streets and almost 12 miles of alleys this summer as part of our annual seal-coat program. The seal-coating plan may change due to unforeseen events, such as bad weather or emergency utility repairs.

City employees will go door to door passing out notices of a temporary parking ban in advance of our seal-coat crews. This is to notify the residents when we plan to seal-coat their street and to explain the process. Typically when we are in an area we will do the east-west streets and the north-south streets on different days. This is to give the residents additional places to park. For more information on the City’s seal-coating program, download a sample seal-coat notice.

Road Jurisdictions

Many of the streets in the City are the responsibility of the State of Illinois or Peoria County. Both the State and County roadways are identified by signs indicating they are a State or County route. The State and County are responsible for all major repairs to their routes.  However, on some portions of these routes the snow plowing and pothole filling are done by the City of Peoria.

Illinois Department of Transportation (309) 671-3333
Peoria County Highway Department (309) 697-6400

There are many private streets in Peoria. Private streets are not owned by the City, but instead owned by the businesses or residences that lie on the street. It is the responsibility of these owners to maintain the street.

In the case of new development, the streets in a new subdivision are not maintained by the City until certain guidelines are met and the roadway accepted by the City. Therefore, developers are responsible for the maintenance of newly constructed streets until the City accepts the subdivision.

For general information on road jurisdictions, call the City of Peoria Public Works Department at 309/494-8800.

Sidewalk Participation Program

The Sidewalk Participation Program is closed for 2021.

The Sidewalk Participation program is a property-owner initiated program designed to replace broken and/or deteriorated sidewalk and curbs adjacent to the property frontage. The City will pay 80% of the cost to replace sidewalks, curbs, gutter, and the sidewalk portion of the driveway, while the property owner will pay the remaining 20%. If a home is owner-occupied and the Property Owner meets Federal Housing and Urban Development [HUD] Guidelines for Low-Moderate Income then the City will allow the property owner to pay 10% while the City pays 90% of the reconstruction.

Please refer to the page: FY 2021 Income Limits Documentation System for the income guidelines. Use the bottom row (Low-Income) for Peoria County (page 1), and match up the column for how many residents are in the household (per Federal Tax form 1040 reporting). If your Adjusted Gross Income line from the Federal Tax Form 1040 falls below the HUD value for Low-Income and amount of residents per household, then the 90% City-10% owner adjustment can be made.

The Program will participate for the driveway portion between the curb and sidewalk so long as the qualifying property has sidewalk that will also be reconstructed. The program will not pay for the private sidewalk, known as a “courtesy walk”, which connects the public sidewalk to the street. Curbs will only be reconstructed for combination curb-sidewalk sites where the sidewalk is to be re/constructed. The City does not have a Curb-only Participation Program for Year 2016.

In an effort to create complete, safe walking routes throughout the City, infill properties shall be eligible for this program. Infill is defined as a property without sidewalk which lies between properties that have sidewalk.

A Public Works inspector will visit the location to determine eligibility. Once approved, the applicant will receive the application by mail. This application will include the total amount of the property owner’s share. The property owner must submit the application along with a money order or cashier’s check in the amount listed on the application. Funds for this program are available on a yearly basis and are allotted in a first come-first served basis.

An approved application will be mailed to the applicant. The project will be placed in that year’s Sidewalk Participation Program, and the work will be performed by a contractor hired by the City. The contractor is selected by the City based on a bidding process earlier in the year. The work should be completed prior to the end of that construction season. Progression of reconstruction during the season will be as-needed and coordinated with the Public Works Department.

The property owner may enter into a private contract with the Contractor to do additional work (step adjustments, retaining wall reconstruction, landscaping, etc.) which could result in permit fees.  The City will not participate with the additional work.

All sidewalks and ramps will be constructed according to current ADA/PROWAG Guidelines.

To report a dangerous sidewalk, call (309) 494-8800.

Sidewalk Café/Parklet Information

For information on sidewalk cafés and commercial parklets, including how to obtain a permit for a sidewalk café or parklet, please visit our Permits page here.

Street Sweeping

In an effort to keep the City streets clean, the city of Peoria provides a street sweeping program consisting of two city wide assignments, one in the spring and one in the fall. All residential streets are swept at that time. During the summer months primary streets are cleaned periodically. Also, some areas have signs posted that restrict parking at certain times.

A City ordinance prohibits raking leaves into the street. Citizens are encouraged to use the yard waste removal provided weekly by Peoria Disposal from April 1 to November 30. For information on the proper disposal of yard waste, including leaves, see Trash Services. If you see anyone violating this ordinance please call: Code Enforcement (309) 494-8654.

Street Sweeping Requests and Questions:
Public Works Department
(309) 494-8800

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