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Quick Answers to Residents’ Questions Following Snowfall 

A big snow can often leave us like deer in the headlights – confused by how to respond to the inclement weather. But Peoria Public Works is reminding residents of a few things they should know about caring for their properties and surrounding walkways before the next snow.

Top Five Responses to Questions from Residents:

  1. Where do I place my trash and recycling cart? Place your trash and recycling cart(s) on the right-of-way, not on the street and or sidewalk.
  2. Who shovels around my mailbox? Residents are responsible for ensuring the area surrounding their mailbox is clear and accessible. 
  3. Who will shovel my driveway? Driveway and sidewalk snow removal falls on the resident, tenant or property owner. Peoria Public Works focuses on plowing snow from streets, hills and overpasses. 
  4. If a snow plow pushes snow into my driveway, can I blow the snow back into the street?Those with snowblowers and plows should not use the equipment to send snow into the street. 
  5. Why do I need to move my car off of the street? When two inches (2”) of snow are forecast, an automatic parking ban goes into effect for 48 hours along emergency snow routes. Vehicles parked along streets interfere with Snow Fighters’ ability to clear streets from curb to curb. While an automatic parking ban does not go into effect for side streets, as a courtesy, residents should also aim to keep their vehicles off of these streets as much as possible. 

“Over the past few storms our Department has received an influx in calls from people with questions that have solutions that end with them,” said Deputy Director of Operations, Sie Maroon. “Our Operations Division primarily focuses on clearing streets during and following a snow event. Sometimes people think we’ll come shovel their driveway – but that’s not the case.” 

A number of other calls have surrounded broken trash carts. Those can be reported here: peoriapicksup.com/sign-up-for-trash-cart/. To report a different issue or concern head to: peoriagov.org/peoria-cares-ureport/

For general questions surrounding the role of Public Works during a snow event, snow related ordinances and more, visit our Winter Weather Planning webpage: peoriagov.org/public-works/winter/

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