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Riverfront Park Extension Project and Land Conversion

River-Trail-Recission-Letter-July-24-2018_1532447036.pdf River Trail Recission Letter July 24 2018

River-Trail-Update-6.29-July-6_1531158088.pdf River Trail Update June.29 & July 6   Rivertrail-termination_1531158130.pdf River Trail termination letter

River-Trail-Update-6.22_1529699442.pdf River Trail Update 6.22

River-Trail-Update-6.15_1529333137.pdf River Trail Update June 8 & June 15

River-Trail-Update-6.1_1527866013.pdf River Trail Update May 25 & June 1

River-Trail-Update-5.18-_1526823415.pdf River Trail Update May 11 and May 18, 2018

River-Trail-Update-5.4_1525465929.pdf River Trail Update May 4, 2018

River-Trail-Update-4.27_1524859830.pdf River Trail Update April 20 and April 27, 2018

River-Trail-Update-4.13_1523971856.pdf River Trail Update April 13, 2018

River-Trail-Update-March-30-2018-and-April-6-2018_1523279767.pdf River Trail Update March 30, 2018 and April 6, 2018

River-Trail-Update-3.23_1521835857.pdf River Trail Update March 23, 2018

River-Trail-Update-3.16_1521235308.pdf River Trail Update March 16, 2018

River-Trail-Update-3.9_1520709714.pdf River Trail Update March 9, 2018

River-Trail-Update-March-1-2018_1519941590.pdf River Trail Update March 1, 2018

River-Trail-Update-February-23-2018_1519425560.pdf River Trail Update February 23, 2018

River-Trail-Update-February-16-2018_1518797495.pdf River Trail Update February 16, 2018

River-Trail-Update-February-9-2018_1518214255.pdf River Trail Update February 9, 2018

River-Trail-Update-1.26-2.2-2.2.2018_1517604985.pdf River Trail Update 1.26 2018.2 & 2.2.2018

River-Trail-Update-January-19-2018_1516395414.pdf River Trail Update January 19, 2018

River-Trail-Update-Jan-12-2018_1515778854.pdf River Trail Update Jan 12 2018

River-Trail-Update-Jan-5-2018_1515191724.pdf River Trail Update Jan 5 2018

River-Trail-Update-Dec-22-2017_1513963679.pdf River Trail Update Dec 22 2017

River-Trail-Update-Dec-14-2017_1513265824.pdf River Trail Update (Dec 14 2017)

River-Trail-Update-Dec-8-2017_1512767683.pdf River Trail Update (Dec 8 2017)

River-Trail-Update-November-30-2017_1512063571.pdf River Trail Update November 30, 2017

River-Trail-Update-November-21-2017_1511306641.pdf River Trail Update November 21, 2017

River-Trail-Update-November-17-2017_1510855090.pdf River Trail Update November 17, 2017

River-Trail-Update-November-9-2017_1510243663.pdf River Trail Update November 9 2017

River-Trail-Update-November-2-2017_1509635928.pdf River Trail Update November 2, 2017

River-Trail-Update-October-27-2017_1509120644.pdf River Trail Update October 27, 2017

River-Trail-Update-October-20_1508512106.pdf River Trail Update October 20

River-Trail-Update-October-13_1508512090.pdf River Trail Update October 13

River-Trail-Update-October-6-2017_1507298481.pdf River Trail Update October 6, 2017

River-Trail-Update-September-29-2017_1506697321.pdf River Trail Update September 29, 2017

River-Trail-Update-September-22-2017_1506089006.pdf River Trail Update September 22, 2017

River-Trail-Update-September-15-2017_1505482883.pdf River Trail Update September 15, 2017

River-Trail-Update-September-8-2017_1504900608.pdf River Trail Update September 8, 2017

River-Trail-Update-September-1-2017_1504289441.pdf River Trail Update September 1, 2017

River-Trail-Update-August-25-2017_1503691624.pdf River Trail Update August 25, 2017

River-Trail-Update-August-17-2017_1502998555.pdf River Trail Update August 17, 2017

River-Trail-Update-August-11-2017_1502461772.pdf River Trail Update August 11, 2017

River-Trail-Update-August-4-2017_1501858271.pdf River Trail Update August 4, 2017

River-Trail-Update-July-31-2017_1501526512.pdf River Trail Update July 31, 2017

River-Trail-Update-July-21-2017_1500673717.pdf River Trail Update July 21, 2017

River-Trail-Update-July-7-2017_1499444518.pdf River Trail Update July 7, 2017

River-Trail-Update-June-30-2017_1498853637.pdf River Trail Update June 30 2017

River-Trail-Update-June-23-2017_1498254555.pdf River Trail Update June 23 2017

River-Trail-Development-and-LWCF-Conversion-Request_1497645846.pdf River Trail Update June 16, 2017

River-Trail-Update-June-9-2017_1497028459.pdf River Trail Update June 9 2017

River-Trail-Update-June-2-2017_1496422681.pdf River Trail Update June 2 2017

River-Trail-Update-May-25-2017_1495730742.pdf River Trail Update May 25 2017

River-Trail-Update-May-19-2017_1495227078.pdf River Trail Update May 19 2017

River-Trail-Update-May-12-2017_1494945720.pdf River Trail Update May 12 2017

River-Trail-Update-May-4-2017_1493930417.pdf River Trail Update May 4, 2017

River-Trail-Update-April-27-2017_1493258538.pdf River Trail Update (April 27 2017)

River-Trail-Update-April-7-2017_1491583495.pdf River Trail Update April 7, 2017

River-Trail-Update-March-31-2017_1490995382.pdf River Trail Update March 31 2017

River-Trail-Update-March-24-2017_1490327565.pdf River Trail Update March 24 2017

River-Trail-Update-March-17-2017_1489785716.pdf River Trail Update March 17 2017

River-Trail-Update-March-10-2017_1489206301.pdf River Trail Update March 10 2017

River-Trail-Update-March-2-2017_1488499592.pdf River Trail Update March 2 2017

Replacement Property Documents

Simantel-Purchase-Option-Contract_1513970160.pdf Simantel – Purchase Option Contract
Simantel-1st-Amendment-to-Purchase-Option-Contract_1513970158.pdf Simantel – 1st Amendment to Purchase Option Contract
Simantel-2nd-Amendment-to-Purchase-Option-Contract_1513970159.pdf Simantel – 2nd Amendment to Purchase Option Contract
Simantel-3rd-Amendment-to-Purchase-Option-Contract_1513970159.pdf Simantel – 3rd Amendment to Purchase Option Contract
Simantel-4th-Amendment-to-Purchase-Option-Contract_1513970160.pdf Simantel – 4th Amendment to Purchase Option Contract
Simantel-5th-Amendment-to-Purchase-Contract_1553008738.pdf Simantel – 5th Amendment to Purchase Option Contract
Simantel-6th-Amendment-to-Purchase-Contract_1553008771.pdf Simantel – 6th Amendment to Purchase Option Contract
Simantel-7th-Amendment-to-Purchase-Contract_1553008793.pdf Simantel – 7th Amendment to Purchase Option Contract
Simantel-–-8th-Amendment-to-Purchase-Option-Contract_1557498985.pdf Simantel – 8th Amendment to Purchase Option Contract

DOI-Appraisal-Compliance_Report_RiverPlex_IL_04.23.2019_1557498994.pdf DOI Appraisal Compliance Report 04.23.2019

Detweiller-Playground-Purchase-Option-Agreement_1513970158.pdf Detweiller Playground – Purchase Option Agreement
Detweiller-Playground-1st-Amendment-to-Purchase-Option-Agreement_1513970155.pdf Detweiller Playground – 1st Amendment to Purchase Option Agreement
Detweiller-Playground-2nd-Amendment-to-Purchase-Option-Agreement_1513970156.pdf Detweiller Playground – 2nd Amendment to Purchase Option Agreement
Detweiller-Playground-3rd-Amendment-to-Purchase-Option-Agreement_1513970156.pdf Detweiller Playground – 3rd Amendment to Purchase Option Agreement
Detweiller-Playground-4th-Amendment-to-Purchase-Option-Agreement-re-PBC-Lease_1513970156.pdf Detweiller Playground – 4th Amendment to Purchase Option Agreement (re PBC Lease)
Detweiller-Playground-5th-Amendment-to-Purchase-Option-Agreement_1513970157.pdf Detweiller Playground – 5th Amendment to Purchase Option Agreement
Detweiller-Playground-Exercise-of-Purchase-Option_1513970157.pdf Detweiller Playground – Exercise of Purchase OptionDetweiller-Playground-5th-Amendment-to-Purchase-Option-Agreement_1513970157.pdf 

2018_01_26-Compliance_Report_Peoria_Conversion_Kickapoo_Creek_Replacemen..._1520709999.pdf Compliance Report Peoria Conversion Kickapoo Creek Replacement Parcel

2018_02_20-Compliance_Report_Peoria_Conversion_Richard_Pryor_Place_Conve..._1520710306.pdf Compliance Report Peoria Conversion Richard Pryor Place Parcel

Riverfront-Park-Extension-Letter-October-25-2018_1553008912.pdf Riverfront Park Extension Letter October 25 2018
2018-10-31-Time-Extension-Letter_1553008938.pdf 2018-10-31 Time Extension Letter
17-00769.5-Time-extension-amendment-final_1553008960.pdf 17-00769.5 Time extension amendment final
(Copies of the full appraisals are available through submission of a Freedom of Information Act request. Please click  HERE to be directed to the FOIA request form.)
Riverfront-Park-Appraisal-Submission-Letter-March-19-2019_1553008974.pdf Riverfront Park Appraisal Submission Letter March 19 2019

Final Environmental Assessment (March 2017)

The City has made a final revision to its Environmental Assessment (EA) for the conversion of Riverfront Park for the River Trail development.  This final version incorporates changes suggested by the National Park Service.  The document also includes the City’s responses to substantive comments on the February 2017 EA of the submitted by the public in Appendix L.  The Final EA has been submitted to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and National Park Service for review.

Final-EA-for-Riverfront-Park-Body_1490307103.pdf March 2017 Final EA Riverfront Park – Body
Final-EA-for-Riverfront-Park-Appendices-A-D_1490307101.pdf Final EA for Riverfront Park – Appendices A-D
Final-EA-for-Riverfront-Park-Appendices-E-M_1490307102.pdf Final EA for Riverfront Park – Appendices E-M

Revised and Compiled Environmental Assessment (February 2017)

At the request of the National Park Service (NPS), the City of Peoria has revised its “Environmental Assessment” for the proposed partial conversion of Riverfront Park in connection with the River Trail development project.  The Revised and Compiled Environmental Assessment for Riverfront Park utilizes NPS’ preferred template and pulls together in one document information that the City had provided across multiple documents that were made public in December 2015.  Those documents can be found further down on this page.  The revised EA also includes updated information based on previous public comment, including information on archaeological clearance and flooding.  At NPS’ suggestion, the City will accept two weeks of public comment on this document through February 20, 2017.  The comment period is not intended to solicit general support or opposition to the project but substantive comment on the Environmental Assessment.

Comments can be emailed to riverfront@peoriagov.org  or mailed to:

River Trail Project Comments c/o Chris Setti, City of Peoria 419 Fulton Street, Suite 207 Peoria, IL 61602

Revised-and-Compiled-Environmental-Assessement-Body-Riverfront-Park_1486159628.pdf Revised and Compiled Environmental Assessment – Body – Riverfront Park

Revised-and-Compiled-Environmental-Assessement-Appendices-Riverfront-Park_1486159663.pdf Revised and Compiled Environmental Assessment -Appendices – Riverfront Park

The Three Files Below are the Public Comments Received Regarding the Environmental Assessment

Public-Comment-Postcard-Samples_1489785659.pdf Public Comment – Postcard Samples

Public-Comment-Emails_1489785658.pdf Public Comment – Emails

Public-Comment-Friends-of-Riverfront-Park_1489785658.pdf Public Comment – Friends of Riverfront Park


Archaeology-Survey-of-Riverfront-Park_1468251744.pdf Archaeology Survey of Riverfront ParkRiverfront-Park-Conversion-Public-Hearing_1453387022.pdf 
Riverfront Park Conversion Presentation

River-Trail-Public-Hearing-Minutes-1-20-16_1453503963.pdf River Trail Public Hearing Minutes (1-20-16)
River-Trail-Conversion-Concerns-and-Responses_1454342999.pdf River Trail Conversion Concerns and Responses

For Proposed Conversion Site (River Trail Development)

Environmental-Assessment-Study-Converted-Site_1450471509.pdf Environmental Assessment Study (EAS)
Conversion-Information-Form-Converted-Land-Final-Submission_1461676971.pdf Conversion Information Form – Converted Land (Final Submission)
Environmental-Screening-Form-Converted-Site_1450471576.pdf Environmental Screening Form (ESF)
CERP-Converted-Site_1450471602.pdf Cultural Resources, Endangered Species & Wetlands Review Report (CERP)

For Proposed Replacement Site (Spring Street Parcels)

Environmental-Assessment-Study-Replacement-Site_1450471703.pdf Environmental Assessment Study (EAS)
Conversion-Information-Form-Replacement-Land-Final-Submission_1461677028.pdf Conversion Information Form – Replacement Land (Final Submission)
Environmental-Screeing-Form-Replacement-Site_1450471757.pdf Environmental Screening Form (ESF)
CERP-Replacement-Site_1450471803.pdf Cultural Resources, Endangered Species & Wetlands Review Report (CERP)

Other Documents

Presentation-at-Riverfront-Extension-Public-Meeting-1-6-16_1452613983.pdf Presentation at Riverfront Extension Public Meeting (1-6-16)
Peoria-Riverfront-Park-Conversion-Practical-Alternatives_1448906220.pdf Practical Alternatives Analysis
Summary-of-Appraisals_1450471310.pdf Summary of Appraisal Information
(Copies of the full appraisals are available through submission of a Freedom of Information Act request. Please click  HERE to be directed to the FOIA request form.)
Concept-Site-Plan-Info-Package_1450471368.pdf Concept Site Plan and Information for Replacement Site


IDNR  Documents

This area will be used to store documents provided to the City by IDNR that outline the conversion process.

IDNR-Letter-re-Conversion-3-13-15_1446223237.pdf IDNR Letter re Conversion (3-13-15)

LawCon-Forms_1446223276.pdf Conversion Forms

LawCon-Appraisal-Information_1446223325.pdf Appraisal Information

Application-for-Park-Acquisition-1981_1450306341.pdf 1981 LWCF Grant Application for Riverfront Property Acquisition

Application-for-Park-Improvement-1984_1450306408.pdf 1984 LWCF Grant Application for Riverfront Property Improvement

Project-Agreements_1450306468.pdf Project Agreements


Schedule of Public Events

  • November 4 @ 5:30 pm (Gateway Building, 200 NE Water): First public input session with facilitated small group discussions yielding input on potential park elements.
  • November 5: Web survey launches
  • November 9 @ 5:30 pm (Gateway Building, 200 NE Water): Second public input session. Identical to first meeting. Citizens need only attend one meeting but are welcome to attend both.
  • November 18th @ 4:30 p.m., City Hall, 419 Fulton Street, Room 110, Advisory Group Meeting
  • November 23rd @ 5:30 p.m., City Hall, 419 Fulton Street, Room 110, Advisory Group Meeting
  • December 18, 2015: Documents posted to website
  • January 6, 2016, 6:00 p.m., City Hall, Room 400, Public Meeting On Concept Plan For Replacement Property
  • January 20, 2016, 6:00 p.m., City Hall, Room 400, Public Meeting on Concept Plan For Conversion Property
  • January 25, 2016, 5:00 p.m. Deadline For Comments
  • Other activities and meetings TBD

Riverfront Park Extension Project and Land Conversion

As part of the River Trail project, the City needs to compensate for the loss of 5.8 acres of Riverfront Park by acquiring equivalent property that will be improved into public, recreational space.  The City has identified about 8 acres of private and unimproved public property directly adjacent to Riverfront Park that can serve as the replacement. Due to restrictions governed by a Land and Water Conservation Grant, the City must receive the approval of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and National Park Service (NPS) before the River Trail project can proceed, a process called “conversion.” This is a multi-step process that includes appraisals, environmental studies, a public hearing and the submission of a concept plan for the new park space. This webpage will serve as a resource for project documents and activities regarding the River Trail project and the City’s application for conversion.
RT Development & Proposed Riverfront Park Extension

Park Concept Plan Development

The City is seeking public input on the creation of a concept plan for the area identified as the replacement property. The City has identified approximately 8 acres of property that will serve as an extension of Riverfront Park:

  • 3 acres of unimproved property currently owned by Jim and Linda Simantel
  • 5 acres of improved property currently owned by the Detweiller Playground Trust
  • 4 acres of unimproved property and right-of-way already owned by the City of Peoria

The image below is a base map of the area:


The City is gathering input from the public on what elements should be included in the concept plan submitted to IDNR. Through two public input sessions and an on-line survey, citizens and other stakeholders will be asked to brainstorm and prioritize issues like landscaping, recreational elements (i.e. bike path, sports fields), facilities (i.e. restrooms, picnic shelters) and interactions with the river (i.e. fishing pier, canoe launch). Public preferences will be tested against constraints like budget, topography and practicality and then incorporated into a final concept plan.

Web Survey
Media-Release-on-Park-Input-Web-Survey_1446763840.pdf Media Release on Park Input Web Survey

Click Here To Take The Survey

Riverfront-Public-Planning-PR_1445541326.pdf Press Release for Riverfront Public Planning Session

Riverfront-Park-Extension-Input-Session-Presentation_1446758715.pdf Riverfront Park Extension Input Session Presentation

November-9_-Second-Park-Input-Session_1446500663.pdf November 9_ Second Park Input Session

Media-Release-Availability-of-River-Trail-Conversion-Documents-12-18-15_1450474898.pdf Availability of River Trail Conversion Documents Media Release (12-18-15)

Map to proposed park

Map to Proposed Park

Other River Trail Documents

This area will be used to store other documents related to the River Trail project that may be of interest to the public.

Phase-1-Archaelogy-Survey-small_1461677497.pdf Phase 1 Archaeology Survey

Traffic-Study-Riverside-Trail-Apts-Final-STA_1485549062.pdf Traffic Study – Riverside Trail Apts Final STA

Presentation-at-Riverfront-Extension-Public-Meeting-1-6-16_1453387137.pdf Presentation at Riverfront Extension Public Meeting (1-6-16)

Final-River-Trail-Drive-LP-Redevelopment-Agreement_1446500234.pdf Final River Trail Drive LP Redevelopment Agreement

Illustrated-River-Trail-Site-Plan_1446500282.pdf Illustrated River Trail Site Plan

River-Trail-Building-Renderings_1446500399.pdf River Trail Building Renderings




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