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Stay safe this summer and call JULIE before you dig

Recognize multicolored utility flags and know the process before you dig

As summer construction projects continue to increase, the City of Peoria Department of Public Works wants to remind homeowners and professional excavators to contact JULIE (8-1-1) before every digging project, regardless of size or depth. Striking a buried utility line can cause serious injuries, inconvenient outages, repair costs, and penalties.

JULIE (8-1-1) is a free service and should be contacted at least two days before starting projects such as putting up a fence, installing a mailbox post, building a deck or patio, or planting trees and shrubs.

Homeowners and professional excavators should follow these five important steps before putting a shovel in the ground:

  1. Pre-mark the dig site with white paint or flags.
  2. Go to illinois1call.com or call 8-1-1 anytime to submit your locate request.
  3. Wait the required amount of time (two business days).
  4. Respect the marks made by the locator.
  5. Dig with care.

Multicolored flags or paint are used to mark different underground utilities. Red flags indicate electrical; yellow flags indicate gas, oil, or petroleum; orange flags indicate communications; blue flags indicate potable water; purple flags indicate reclaimed water or irrigation; green flags indicate sewer; white flags indicate proposed excavation, and pink flags indicate a temporary survey.

The Department of Public Works would also like to encourage all utility partners to provide updates surrounding larger projects to make the public aware of work and possible disruptions while projects are underway. For more information about the JULIE process, visit www.illinois1call.com.


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