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Stormwater Utility Rate Change in Effect

New Billing Rate Activated in January Increases to Five Dollars Per Billing Unit Per Month

 February 18, 2020 (Peoria, IL) Residents will soon start seeing changes to the Stormwater Utility Rate in their quarterly bills. As of January 1, the rate increased by one dollar, bringing the total amount of five dollars per billing unit per month. A billing unit is 1,000 square feet of impervious area. Billing Units are indicated on each statement as the impervious area of your property in square feet.

Residents are billed quarterly in a rolling cycle, so not all residents are billed at the same time. Those receiving their statement in February have been billed for November and December at the 2020 rate ($4/billing unit per month) and January at the 2021 rate ($5/billing unit per month). This is a prorated bill. Those who receive the April billing statement will be billed at the 2021 rate ($5/billing unit per month). The City has been notified that the informational insert sent with the February 1, 2021 stormwater utility billing statements was incorrect. The insert that was received with the February bill should have been included with the March 1, 2021 billing statements. City staff apologize for this error and are currently working with the printing company to make improvements.

Calculating your February Bill:

2021 Rate: Billing Units* (Total from your bill) x $5 x 1 (January 2021)

2020 Rate: Billing Units* (Total from your bill) x $4 x 2 (November & December 2020)

Add the two together, you will receive your bill total for February. (Note: this is a prorated calculation)

*Billing Units = Impervious Area in Sq. Ft. (this number is listed on your statement)

 Residents who receive their bill in March will see December billed at the 2020 rate and January and February billed at the 2021 rate. Residents who receive their bill in April will see January, February, and March at the 2021 rate.

Each billing unit is set at $5 per month per 1,000 square feet of impervious surface area. For example, an average size property with 2,600 square feet of impervious surface area will be charged for two point six billing units (2.6) per month. That is 2.6 billing units multiplied by $5. Therefore, the property owner will be charged $13 per month for the combined square footage of impervious areas on their property. Because we bill quarterly, each bill contains charges for three months for a total quarterly cost of $39 ($13 x 3 =$39).

The Stormwater Utility was approved in 2018 as a mechanism to help fund solutions to our stormwater overflow. During a weather event, water rolls off impervious structures like sidewalks and driveways and overloads our infrastructure. The utility is a way to help offset the costs of green infrastructure improvements that not only beautify the City but absorb water before getting into our aging system.

For     questions    on     billing,    please    contact    309-494-8807    or     utilitybilling@peoriagov.org

For questions on stormwater, please contact 309-494-8800 or stormwater@peoriagov.org


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