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Upcoming Policy Sessions Set for Redistricting Discussions

January 18 and February 1 Meetings Will be Held Virtually

 January 13, 2022 (Peoria, IL) The City has scheduled a series of policy sessions on the redistricting process, which occurs every ten years following the Census to evaluate district boundaries and balance the population within each district.  Due to changes in population as seen in the 2020 Census data release, there will be boundary changes to the existing city of Peoria Council Districts.  Each district is required to include a nearly equal number of residents based on the most recent Census population data (city of Peoria total population 113, 150).  For five districts, the goal of each district is 22,630 people with a maximum deviation of 5% (21,4498-23,761).

To reach the goal of 22,630 people per Council district,

  • The 1st district needs to grow by 3,938 people
  • The 2nd district needs to grow by 1,555 people
  • The 3rd district needs to grow by 1,113 people
  • The 4th district needs to contract by 1,329 people
  • The 5th district needs to contract by 5,568 people

The city of Peoria formed a Redistricting Committee comprised of the District and At-Large Council Members, chaired by Mayor Ali.  They are charged with facilitating a public process for drafting changes to the Council districts and making a recommendation for boundary changes.

Policy meetings are scheduled for January 18, February 1 and 15, March 1, 15, and  29.  All meetings will begin at 6 pm.  The January 18 and February 1 meetings will be held via Zoom.  The public can view the Livestream on the City of Peoria’s You Tube Channel.

If the public would like to submit public comments at any time during this process, they may email starr@peoriagov.org.

If the public would like to attend the virtual policy meeting and provide public comment at the end, please email starr@peoriagov.org for a link no later than 2 p.m. on January 18 or February 1.

To increase public awareness and participation in the redrawing of election district boundaries, the City has also launched a webpage to provide residents with updated information regarding the process.  Please visit peoriagov.org/redistricting to view criteria, presentations, proposed maps, meeting schedule, and to provide comments.

For those without internet access, the public can visit the City Clerk’s office at City Hall, 419 Fulton Street, Suite 401, between the hours of 8-5, Monday-Friday. Printed maps will be available on January 19 at this location.  They may provide written comments in person at the same location.


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