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Water Buyout

In 1889, the city of Peoria passed an ordinance to consider purchasing the water company every five years.  In 2018, the city council had until November 2, to decide whether or not to pass a resolution to purchase the water company, putting it under the City’s services.

This page shares information from City Council meetings, as well as questions and answers  regarding this process.


Compiled questions will be posted each Monday, with accompanying answers posted on the following Friday.

03_19_18-Questions-Compiled-March-13_1521478520.pdf 03_19_18 Questions Compiled March 13-18

3_12-Water-Questions-responses-posted-3_16_1521234677.pdf 3_12 Water Questions and responses, posted 3_16_18

Information from the Feb. 28, 2018 Council Meeting

Video of this agenda item from the meeting can be found HERE

CEO-Council-Letter-010518_1519851210.pdf CEO Council Letter 010518

Rules-of-Order-for-the-Commission-2003_1519851227.pdf Rules of Order for the Commission 2003

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