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Winter Weather Planning: Snow Update – January 25, 6:30 p.m.


February 5, 2021 | 5: 20 a.m.

Watch out as you step outside! Arctic air and negative wind chills are here. The overnight blowing and drifting snow has come to an end. Peoria’s primary arterial streets are in good condition for travel this morning. Pavement conditions range from dry areas to wet spots and some patchy areas of snow cover. And residential streets are also in fair condition, but many are covered with snowpack and may have some frozen rutted areas mixed with exposed wet pavement.

Overall Peoria roads are very passable for drivers, still, the Peoria Police Department’s traffic collision alert from 5 p.m. Thursday, February 4 is in place. Drivers are encouraged to travel with caution, drive slow and be patient. Current road conditions are available here: gettingaroundillinois.com/WinterConditions/index.html.

Bundle up everyone, this is extremely dangerous cold weather. Additional resources about our operations, including our 2020-2021 snow route maps are available on our Peoria Public Works Winter Weather Planning page at: peoriagov.org/public-works/winter.

January 25, 2021 | 6:30 p.m.

Yikes! It’s finally here. A snow and ice warning is in effect now through Tuesday morning, January 26. Peoria Public Works Snow Fighters are out treating streets with salt and will continue their efforts overnight. Weather forecasters are predicting as much as one to two inches (1-2″) of snow – plus, ice is also expected.

Motorists should take extra precautions when driving in these conditions and be on the lookout for 15-25 MPH winds with gusts as much as 30-40 MPH. Blowing and drifting snow may also occur. Drivers should be safe, drive slowly, travel with caution and leave a little earlier for their destinations.

Additional resources about our operations, including our 2020-2021 snow route maps are available on our Public Works Winter Weather Planning page at: peoriagov.org/public-works/winter/.

January 16, 2021 | 9 a.m.

Snow fighters have been going at it since 5:30 a.m. – working all 17 routes to ensure roads are in safe and prime condition for area motorists. According to Deputy Director of Operations, Sie Maroon, the City saw as much as a quarter to half inch (.25 to .50”) of snow in the early hours of Saturday, January 16.

By 9 a.m. snow fighters were back in the bay with their plows, prepping them for the next stint of snow. Overall the snow fighting efforts were short and sweet compared to past passes with the plows. Maroon will continue to monitor the forecast and conditions the remainder of the day and into Sunday to determine if more work is needed to keep roads accessible for residents and visitors. According to forecasts, the next wave of winter weather is due overnight Saturday, Sunday, potentially Monday and Tuesday.

January 14, 2021 | 4:30 p.m.

From snow fighting to storm debris cleanup and back to snow fighting – Peoria Public Works crews are transitioning to winter weather prep once again as snow is expected tonight and into the holiday weekend.

On Thursday, Jan. 14, Sie Maroon, Deputy Director of Operations at Public Works began to schedule 12 hours work shifts to ensure coverage throughout the severe weather.

The Departments asks that property owners be patient with our team as we segway back to enforcing our snow policy. If you need to learn more about our standard practices for the 2020-2021 snow season, find them here: peoriagov.org/public-works/winter/.

Once winter weather subsides and roads return to typical conditions, the Department will revert back to storm debris removal from the early January storm. The Department has a goal of Tuesday in mind, however, current winter weather conditions could impact their plans. Property owners can refer to the following web map to track their efforts: https://gis.peoriagov.org/portal/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=c540a7f21eab448f908bf6000f6aec0a. Workers are on the tail end of the routes with nearly 45 of the 55 routes complete.

January 2, 2021 | 6 p.m.

Mother Nature will be back at it again this evening — with a wintery mix forecast to begin as soon as 7 p.m. The poor weather should continue during the overnight hours and into early Sunday morning, January 3. As much as another half to two inches (.5 to 2″) is predicted.

Public Works Snow Fighters are on standby, ready to take action tonight, Saturday, January 2 and into Sunday, as needed. Drivers should be safe, drive slowly, travel with caution and leave a little earlier for their destination.

Additional resources about our operations, including our 2020-2021 snow route maps are available on our Public Works Winter Weather Planning page at: peoriagov.org/public-works/winter/.

January 1, 2021 | 6:30 p.m.

A winter weather advisory is in effect until midnight tonight, January 1. The previously announced ice storm is cancelled and Peoria residents can now expect to encounter wet snow and accumulations around one inch (1”). Motorists should plan on slippery road conditions, to slow down and use caution when traveling. City of Peoria Public Works Snow Fighters are still deployed – actively removing snow and ice from the City’s arterial roads as well as applying rock salt to pavement. Deputy Director of Operations, Sie Maroon continues to monitor weather and road conditions to best treat roads in an efficient and timely manner.

The latest road conditions for Illinois can be found at: gettingaroundillinois.com and more information and area resources are listed at the City’s Winter Weather Planning page: peoriagov.org/public-works/winter/.

January 1, 2021 | 5:15 a.m.

Freezing rain is upon us. Peoria Public Works Snow Fighters are back at it, on our streets combating an ice storm here on the New Year’s Day holiday.

The inclement weather is expected to begin with freezing rain forecasted to begin at 6 a.m., Friday, January 1 through 12 p.m. Around that time, the weather is expected to shift to a snowy wintery mix until late Friday evening. The combination of freezing rain and higher winds (25 – 30 mph) will make for hazardous travel as well as increase chances of trees falling and striking power lines – leading to power outages.

The city of Peoria Public Works Department is encouraging residents and visitors to stay home or someplace safe unless travel is an absolutely necessary part of their New Year’s Day plans. If travel is a required part of their day, motorists are encouraged to travel slowly, be patient and allow for extra time in their travel plans to make it to their next destination. More about the Department’s Winter Weather Planning efforts can be found at: peoriagov.org/public-works/winter/.

December 30, 2020 | 10:15 a.m.

It’s slick and slushy out there, but don’t let today’s warmer temps deceive you. Starting early afternoon on Wednesday, December 30, slight snow could return and temperatures could drop again once more. The real threat is forecast for New Year’s Eve. A wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain is expected overnight Thursday night into Friday morning before changing over to rain during mid to late Friday, New Year’s Day morning. Some light snow accumulations under one inch (1”) and ice accumulations around a tenth of an inch are possible.

Drivers Take Heed!
These everchanging road conditions along with the freeze and thaw cycle can impact road conditions. City of Peoria Public Works Snow Fighters will be out and motorists should read and review the following recommendations for how to share the road with this cumbersome equipment.

Tips to get you reconditioned to drive in the snow around our Snow Fighters and their fierce plows:
1. Don’t follow a snow plow closely or stop immediately behind it.
2. Drivers should keep 200 feet distance between their vehicle and a plow during winter weather events.
3. Never pass a snow plow on the right.
4. Remember: snow plows move slowly, make wide turns, make frequent stops and overlap lanes.
5. Snow plows can create snow clouds which can reduce visibility to zero and conceal other vehicles and hazards.
6. Snow plows are large complex machinery that require the driver’s full attention toward operation, and can restrict the operator’s vision. Remember if you can’t see them, they can’t see you.
7. Finally: the road behind an active snow plow is safer to drive on. Stay a safe distance behind it and use caution when passing.

Many more resources, including our 2020-2021 snow route maps are available on our Public Works Winter Weather Planning page at: peoriagov.org/public-works/winter/.

December 29, 2020 | 4 p.m.

The city of Peoria Snow Fighters initiated around the clock operations today – working two 12 hour shifts in anticipation of the week’s forecasted inclement weather. Leading up to today, crews prepared snow equipment and pretreated the 157 miles of main arterial streets with liquid brine. The team will remain on the streets around the clock until Peoria gets a break in weather.

Based on the current forecast, Public Works is anticipating one to three (1 to 3”) inches of snow today, freezing rain and sleet tonight and then rain tomorrow, Wednesday, December 30. The Department will constantly monitor for freeze backs during the overnight hours to alleviate any possible trouble for travelers tomorrow as they begin their day.

Remember to be safe, drive slowly, travel with caution and leave a little earlier for your destination.

December 16, 2020 | 2 p.m.

The city of Peoria is experiencing the first significant snowfall for the season, although it is forecast to be a minor accumulation. The Public Works Operations Division is expecting to receive about a quarter of an inch of snow as it comes to an end this morning. The City’s Snow Fighters have a limited number of trucks on the streets today – treating hills, overpasses and streets surrounding the two major hospitals in the downtown area.

In addition, consider the following if travelling this morning:

1. Leave a little earlier to get to your destination.
2. Have patience and drive slowly.
3. Looks can be deceiving. There are some areas of pavement that are slicker than others.

And remember, all motorists need to recondition themselves into driving in snow once again. Stay safe and drive with caution.

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