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Wisconsin Avenue Rehabilitation Project on-street meeting set for Thursday, Sept. 29

More public input is sought for proposed locations of a multi-use path and sidewalks

The City of Peoria Department of Public Works will be hosting on-street demonstrations for the Wisconsin Avenue Rehabilitation Project from 3-6 pm on Thursday, September 29. These demonstrations will be held on Wisconsin Avenue near the intersections of Gift and Arcadia avenues.

The City is requesting additional input from residents and property owners along the Wisconsin Avenue Corridor regarding the need for parking and the locations of sidewalks and a multi-use path. The proposed locations for a multi-use path and sidewalks will be marked to help visualize the improvements along the corridor.

At both locations, tents will be set up in the parking lanes with more information about the project. The public is welcome to visit either location and provide feedback about the project. Both locations will have the same information.

The goal of the Wisconsin Avenue Rehabilitation Project is to improve the roadway and provide better access for bicyclists and pedestrians. Currently, the pavement and sidewalks are in poor condition.

The Thursday, September 29 on-street demonstrations is the third meeting regarding proposed improvements along the Wisconsin Avenue Corridor. A walk audit with residents and neighborhood activists was held on May 17, and an informational public meeting presenting the design concepts from the walk audit was held on July 20.

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