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Workforce development has emerged as one of the major factors in determining the economic success of a community. The purpose of the City of Peoria’s Workforce Development Department is to marshal local resources to assist individuals and businesses in Central Illinois to reach their full potential in the 21st century “knowledge-based” economy.

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The City of Peoria has administered federally funded workforce development programs through the Workforce Development Department for more than thirty years. Under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, the City has been designated the regional grant recipient, administrative entity, staff to the board, and one-stop operator by an agreement with the Central Illinois Workforce Development Board. In addition to Workforce Investment Act grants, the City also receives other workforce development related grants from the U.S. Department of Employment Security, Illinois Department of Human Resources and various foundations.

Department Organization
The department is organized into four divisions. The Administrative division provides staff-support to the Central Illinois Workforce Development Board and provides grant administration for the various federal, state and other workforce development grants. The Research and Development division provides research/analysis, strategic planning and organizational development support for the department and the Workforce Board. The One-Stop Operations division acts as a one-stop operator and provides a wide-range of programs and services to individuals and businesses under provisions of the Workforce Investment Act. The Marketing and Business Development division provides marketing support to the department, Workforce Board and One-Stop system, and manages special projects and provides customized services to businesses.

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Programs and Budgets
The Workforce Development Department usually administers about a dozen federal and state grants. Approximately 10,000 individuals and businesses are served each year with a combined budget of about $4 million.

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