Mayor and City Council

The Peoria City Council is comprised of the Mayor (elected city-wide) and five council members who represent their respective districts and five at-large council members who are elected city-wide. These officials serve four-year terms with elections staggered every two years. As the legislative body, the Council meets at least twice a month to make policy decisions, approve spending, and vote on various actions that affect the city. The City Council appoints community members to boards and commissions and appoints a City Manager who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer responsible for the management and operation of all city departments. 

2022 City of Peoria Annual Report (PDF)

  1. Denise Jackson

    Denise Jackson

    1st District Council Member

  1. Charles V. Grayeb

    Charles V. Grayeb

    2nd District Council Member

  1. Timothy Riggenbach

    Timothy Riggenbach

    3rd District Council Member

  1. Andre W. Allen

    Andre W. Allen

    4th District Council Member

  1. Denis Cyr

    Denis Cyr

    5th District Council Member

  1. John L. Kelly

    John L. Kelly

    Council Member At-Large

  1. Zachary M. Oyler

    Zachary M. Oyler

    Council Member At-Large

  1. Dr. Kiran Velpula, PhD, MBA

    Dr. Kiran Velpula, PhD, MBA

    Council Member At-Large

  1. Dr. Bernice Gordon-Young PhD, LCPC

    Dr. Bernice Gordon-Young PhD, LCPC

    Council Member At-Large

  1. Michael P. Vespa

    Michael P. Vespa

    Council Member At-Large