Code Violation Notification System

The City of Peoria has launched a new way for property owners and residents to be notified of ABATE notices, work orders, and tagged vehicles on their properties. To receive text message/email notifications:

  1. Visit the QuicketSolutions page.
  2. Enter the parcel number for your property. A link is provided to search for your parcel number using the property's address.
  3. Enter your email address and phone number

Once registered, you will receive a text message/email if the registered property is issued an abate notice, work order, or if a vehicle was tagged.

  1. ABATE Notices Posted, Tagged Vehicles, & Work Order Report

When code violations are found on occupied properties, Code Enforcement Inspectors leave a blue abate notice at the property listing all violations that need to be corrected. Inspectors schedule a re-inspection five days from the posting of the notice. Work orders are issued immediately on vacant properties to correct the code violations. 

If the Inspector finds the same code violations on their reinspection, a work order is issued to have the City Contractor clean up the property at the owner's expense. This includes but is not limited to cutting tall grass, removing limbs, picking up trash, and removing stored debris.  

If the Inspector issues a work order,  the contractor is notified 24 hours from the reinspection. The contractor will complete the assigned work within one (1) to five (5) days. If our contractor completes the work, you will be billed for the cost of the work and an additional $160 administrative fee. 

If the Inspector has been to the property in the last twelve months or the violation is egregious, a citation may be issued.  Completing the work in five days does not void the citation.

In case of emergency situations or as deemed appropriate by the City of Peoria, work orders may be issued to the contractor without appearing on this list.

This report is posted the following day.

09/18/2023 Code Violation Report

09/19/2023 Code Violation Report

09/21/2023 Code Violation Report

09/22/2023 Code Violation Report

09/25/2023 Code Violation Report

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