Rat Abatement Program

Report Rats

The City of Peoria offers a Rat Abatement program at no cost to community members. To submit a request for Rat Abatement, call 309-494-8600 and provide your name and property address. The City of Peoria will notify a local exterminator and they will set bait around the outside of the property within one week. 

Effective Strategies for Eliminating a Rat Problem

Starve Them Out

  • Remove pet foods and water immediately after feeding. Rats enjoy bird and pet food. 
  • Rats will change your garbage to food if you don't keep it in rat-proof containers. 
  • By City ordinance, you must keep it in a garbage container with a tight-fitting lid. 

Build Them Out

  • Rat-proof by sealing the following checkpoints: doors, windows, foundations walls, and places where wires and pipes enter the building. 
  • Seal all openings larger than 1/2 inch in diameter or rats may enter your home. 
  • Elevate stored material at least twelve inches off the ground. Old appliances and furniture should be put out for garbage pick-up immediately.

Poison Effectively

  • The safest baits contain warfarin and similar substances such as pival, fumarin, or diphacin. Read the label before you buy. Set poison inside a covered box with end openings. 
  • Traps can be an effective weapon against rats on the inside of buildings. Use fresh bacon, fish, or peanut butter as bait.