Kenton Clubb

Artist's Statement from Kenton Clubb on his piece entitled, Mayor Rita Ali.

I have been an artist all of my life and Peoria has provided me with the opportunity to use my talent. I started drawing in Sipp Elementary Grade School, continued in art classes at Richwoods High School, received a M.A. in Studio Art from Western Illinois University, worked as an artist at Thomas S Klise Company, Peoria, had a career as a freelance Professional Illustrator in the area and an Adjunct Professor at ICC. I retired in 2017, but still maintain a studio, participate in an Art Group and actively create art.

Why? Because I can. To what end? To the challenge of accomplishing a goal.

However, challenges can be hard to come by. It may be a painting for a home or a loved one, a commission, a lesson, a competition, a show….. And now, thanks to Peoria's Office of the Mayor and The Public Arts Advisory Commission, a challenge has been found. In Peoria.

To complete this challenge, I needed to create a new piece of art. I needed a subject. I needed an inspiration. My studio artwork is comprised mainly of watercolor portraiture because I get the most enjoyment in art from painting portraits. Therefore, when I saw the webpage photo of Mayor Ali, I knew her painted portrait was my goal and accomplishing this goal has been a pleasure for me.

I hope that I have captured her likeness with some accuracy, some creativity and some style.

Rita Ali