Dumpster Program

Registered neighborhood associations can request two (2) dumpsters each year for neighborhood cleanup days. Dumpsters are provided at no-cost to the neighborhoods.

Dumpsters are available from April through the first week of November on Saturdays from 8 AM - Noon.

There is a limit of one (1) trash dumpster or one (1) landscape dumpster per cleanup. 

For all questions, email Neighborhood Enhancement Coordinator Kaylee Drea or call 309-494-8624.

Dumpster Program Application

2023 Dumpster Application (DOC)

Dumpster Program Application

  1. Dumpsters are available Saturdays from 8 AM - Noon between April and November. 

    You will receive a confirmation email from city staff when your dumpster is confirmed. Choosing a date does not guarantee availability of a dumpster.

  2. Let us know where you want us to put the dumpster. Feel free to attach a map if you need to provide extra details.

  3. This step is only necessary if the location does not have a street address.

  4. The owner and applicant, in consideration of the promise of the city of Peoria to provide a dumpster (or a garbage truck) at the above listed location for use during an organized neighborhood cleanup, hereby waives any claim for damages or injuries caused by the city of Peoria or the business providing the dumpster (or truck), its agents, officers, or employees, arising from the placement of said dumpster (or truck). 

  5. Limit of 100 copies

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