Bicycle Master Plan

Read and review plan information and background here: Bicycle Connectivity Master Plan (PDF).

Do you bicycle in Peoria? If not, would you like to?

Bicycle improvements have been proven to positively impact community health, safety and economic prosperity in communities nationwide. For this reason, the city of Peoria developed the City's first Bicycle Connectivity Master Plan. This plan provides a road map for Peoria to become a City where bicycling is a safe, comfortable and a convenient travel option.

The project team is reaching this vision through a "five E's" approach - analyzing current conditions and providing citywide recommendations for engineering and evaluation/planning practices, as well as education, encouragement and enforcement programs.

This plan makes recommendations on the following:

  • The on-street and off-street bicycling network, identifying priority projects for near-term implementation
  • City design guidelines and practices for on-street bikeways, intersections, and trails
  • Bicycling education, encouragement and enforcement programs
  • Partners and funding sources for successful implementation