Development Review Board


In order to exercise a more orderly control of land use, particularly within areas of critical concern, areas subject to traffic congestion, areas of special environmental character, and areas of high-density zoning, and for all new planned unit developments and special uses, the City of Peoria established a site plan review process. It is recognized that the very nature of such critical areas, large sites or special uses create potential for traffic congestion problems, overcrowding, adverse environmental effects or poorly designed sites. It is these areas and uses that the City intends to subject to site plan review so that the meaning and intent of the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance and all the provisions thereof are complied with.

The Development Review Board consists of designated representatives from the Planning and Zoning Division, Public Works Department, Inspections Division, and Police and Fire Departments. The representatives shall consist of persons with expertise in the following areas: planning, zoning administration, public works, traffic engineering, architecture, building inspections, public safety and landscape architecture. If the City has no person with expertise in one of these areas, the Zoning Administrator will recommend to the City Council a person with expertise in the non-represented area and request that person to be appointed to the Development Review Board. The City Council may also appoint an ex-officio, member to the Development Review Board to represent the art community in Peoria.


The Development Review Board is responsible for the following duties:

  • Conduct a technical review of site plans and official development plans and find solutions to site plan problems which are compatible with the purposes of this ordinance.
  • Approve and disapprove site plans submitted as part of any application for zoning certificates for permitted uses in the R5, R6, R7, R8, C1, C2, CN, CG, B1, O1, O2, I1, I2, I3, P1, and N1 zoning districts; in Form Districts; in overlay districts; in critical traffic management areas, and for any site for which the Development Review Board does not act as a recommending body. The SPRB may, as a condition of approval prior to the issuance of a zoning certificate, require the property owner to pay for certain adjacent off site improvements.
  • Make findings and recommendations with respect to site plans submitted as part of any application for major variance, special use, official development plans, subdivision plats, planned unit development or zoning certificate. Findings and recommendations made pursuant to this Section shall, when applicable, become a part of the above judgement decision criteria with respect to any relief or remedies being sought. In circumstances where the foregoing relief has been sought, final authority resides in the following bodies: the Zoning Board of Appeals, or City Council.
  • Grant or deny applications for minor variances for any site in which it is required to approve or disapprove site plans in those cases where no timely objection has been filed.
  • Review, and submit comments to the Zoning Commission, on all proposed map amendments.

Standards to be used by the Development Review Board shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • The provisions of the Unified Development Code
  • The provisions of the Peoria Comprehensive Plan
  • The provisions of any applicable neighborhood plan
  • Supplementary engineering and planning studies or guidelines which have been adopted by the Development Review Board
  • Customary engineering and site development standards used in Peoria
  • Any standards or criteria in a City adopted project or redevelopment plan

Effect of Disapproval of Site Plan by Development Review Board (DRB)

No zoning certificate shall be issued for any zoning lot for which site plan approval is required by the Development Review Board unless the construction is approved by the DRB or in the case a Zoning Compliance Certificate for such construction has been issued. The effect of the Development Review Board's disapproval is that no zoning certificate, required for a building permit, shall be issued. The member of the Development Review Board who denies the Site Plan is responsible for responding to the applicant regarding that denial. Appeals of decisions by the Development Review Board may be made to the Zoning Board of Appeals, section 2.3.d.

The Development Review Board shall keep a public record of its resolutions, findings, and determinations, and notify, in writing within five working days, petitioners for plan review of the decision of the Board.

Applications and Schedules

Non-Residential and Multi-Family Building Permit Application (PDF)