Bulky Waste

If you are a city of Peoria resident, you can put out big items like furniture, mattresses, building materials, and other big items with your weekly trash collection. Defined as "bulky waste", these are items that are too large to fit into your cart. While many communities host 'Clean Up' or 'Large Item Pick Up' events a couple of times a year to help residents get rid of big items, bulky waste collection is unlimited in Peoria and the fee is included in your annual bill. Please call GFL to let them know that you are putting bulky waste out so they can staff their truck accordingly.

How to Set Out Bulky Waste

  • You may call GFL at 309-688-0760 to notify them of your bulky waste, but you are not required to. GFL will pick-up bulky waste items regardless of prior notification.
  • Set bulky waste out as early as 3 pm the day before pick-up and no later than 6 am on pick-up day.
  • Put it in the cart.
    • If the item is small enough to fit in your trash cart with the lid closed, put it in the cart. OR
  • Too big for your trash cart? Bag it.
    • Place the tied bag at least three feet away from your carts and any other obstacles (cars, mailboxes, etc.).
  • Too big for a bag?
    • Set it at least three feet away from your carts and any other obstacles (cars, mailboxes, etc.).

Typical Bulky Waste Items

  • Furniture (couches, tables, chairs, desks, end tables, entertainment centers, etc.)
  • Mattresses
  • Building materials (wood, sheetrock, etc.)
  • Carpet and underpadding

Items Not Picked Up as Bulky Waste

There are a few items not picked up alley or curbside. For information about how to dispose of these materials, visit Other Disposal.

  • Electronics (computers, televisions, printers, etc.)
  • Tires
  • Hazardous materials or chemicals
  • Concrete, rock, or dirt
  • Fluorescent tubes