Code Violation Court 

Tickets are one of the tools Code Enforcement Inspectors use to keep neighborhoods safe and reduce blight. Tickets are used as a tool to bring a property into compliance. 

Code Violation Court provides property owners an opportunity to dispute a ticket that was issued by a Code Enforcement Inspector. A neutral third party lawyer presides over Code Violation Court. 

All code violation tickets are sent through the mail to the owner of the property. All tickets include the name of your Inspector, the date of the inspection, the fine amount, and a Code Violation Court hearing date. 

Code Violation Court

Code Violation Court is held two Tuesdays per month at 10:30 AM at City Hall, 419 Fulton Street, Room 400, Peoria, IL 61602. If the code violation is resolved and you do not want to attend your scheduled hearing, you must pay the ticket before the hearing date. 

Only the owner of the property or a registered property manager can represent the owner of a property at Code Violation Court. 

If you have a question about your hearing date, please call your Inspector or call us at 309-494-8654.

Pay Your Ticket


Visit the Code Violations Court payment portal. You must have your ticket number available and you must pay with a card. 


There are three options to pay in-person. Learn more about your in-person payment options at the Treasurer's Office. 


Send a check with the ticket number on the memo line to City Hall, 419 Fulton Street, Room 100, Peoria, IL 61602.

Code Violation Court Docket

Code Violation Court is open to the public. View upcoming court violation cases by hearing date below.

Code Violation Docket - 2/7/2023

Code Violation Docket - 2/21/2023

Code Violation Docket - 3/7/2023

Code Violation Docket - 3/21/2023

Code Violation Docket - 4/4/2023

Code Violation Docket - 4/18/2023

Code Violation Docket - 5/2/2023

Code Violation Docket - 5/16/2023

Code Violation Docket - 6/6/2023

Code Violation Docket - 6/13/2023