Strategic Plan 2023

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Since April 2023, the City of Peoria (City) has worked with BerryDunn to develop its Five-Year Strategic Plan. This plan will serve as a guiding document for the City over the next five years. The mission, vision, principles, priorities, goals, and objectives reflected in the strategic plan were developed with the input, participation, and feedback from the City Council, directors and assistant directors for all City departments, and City staff. To help measure progress toward the City’s vision, the plan also includes outcome measures. These measures provide insight into how the City is progressing toward its goals and objectives. Achieving those goals and objectives will help the City achieve its vision in the future.

The City Council has ultimate oversight for plan success and progress toward the City’s vision. As such, the progress reporting described below incorporates City Council involvement and oversight throughout.

Below is the timeline of actions taken in 2023 to develop the strategic plan:

April – June: The Project Management Team (PMT) met with BerryDunn to develop the overall project work plan and timeline, identify participants, and develop interview questions.

June – August: Several community engagement activities took place, including forums, stakeholder interviews, employee and youth surveys, focus groups, and Social Pinpoint engagements.

July: BerryDunn conducted a service gap analysis and developed and refined an environmental scan.

August: BerryDunn facilitated planning sessions with City Council and City staff leadership. BerryDunn presented the environmental scan and began developing the mission, vision, guiding principles, strategic priorities, objectives, and outcome measures.

Early September: BerryDunn held focused sessions with elected officials and department directors to continue developing and refining objectives and outcome measures.

Late September: BerryDunn completed the draft strategic plan and provided it to the PMT, City Council, and staff for review. Community review sessions were also held to capture feedback for City Council consideration.

Early October: Community feedback provided to City Council for review. Elected officials and department directors refined outcome measures.

Mid-October: City Council adopted the Five-Year Strategic Plan