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Posted on: January 27, 2023

[ARCHIVED] PCI Update 2023 RFP Addendum 1

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Andrea Klopfenstein, P.E.

Deputy Director/City Engineer





Addendum Issued: January 27, 2023

RE: Addendum #1 PCI Update 2023

The following shall be considered part of the Request for Proposal (RFP).

REVISED Request for Proposal Document (Issued with this Addendum):

1) Page #1 – submittal date changed from January 31, 2023 to February 7, 2023

2) Page #2 – Section 2.2.1 General Scope of Services – the bid alternates were updated. There will three

alternates sidewalk location and shape files, sidewalk condition and LiDAR asset grade data. Signs and

pavement marking alternates were removed.

3) Page #3

Section 2.2.3 Deliverable Products – deliverable 2 was updated to include GIS shape files

Section 2.3 Location of project – Centerline miles was added. The section was updated to reflect the removal

of the signs and pavement marking alternates

Section 2.4 Project schedule – the dates were updated to reflect the new submittal date as well as clarification

on the date to complete tasks.

4) Page #4 – Section 3.0 Public Notice - submittal date changed from January 31, 2023 to February 7, 2023

5) Page #5 – Section 6.1 Submittal Format – the number of hard copies was updated from five to three

6) Page #6 – Section 7.0 Evaluation Factors

C. Project Cost – centerline miles quantity added and the alternates were updated

Pre- Submittal Meeting Sign in sheet and Q and A (See attached)

This addendum must be acknowledged as part of the submittal package. Failure to do so may subject

to Disqualification.








The City plans to award a contract for these services to the best-qualified firm. Each firm will be considered

and ranked by a Selection Committee based upon the criteria listed herein. The City will then enter into

negotiations with the top-ranked firm. The negotiations will be to establish a detailed scope of services and

total cost for services. Should the top-ranked firm and the City of Peoria not be able to reach an agreement,

the City will terminate negotiations with that firm and open negotiations with the second ranked firm.

This process does not obligate the City to award a contract, or pay any cost incurred in the preparation of the

firms responding to this request. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all statements received

as a result of this request. All information submitted in response to this request will become the property of

the City.

Please be aware that it is the City's policy to not compensate for any time or expenses incurred during the

selection and negotiation processes.



The City of Peoria is requesting Proposals from qualified firms to assist the City in collecting, processing, and

updating the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for City streets. The goal of this project is to inventory the

street, rate the pavement condition, and update the City’s GIS-based data management system used in the

planning and prioritization of maintenance and repairs. The City of Peoria’s Engineering Division will accept

sealed proposals submitted to the Office of the City Engineer, 3505 N Dries Lane, Peoria, Illinois, until 11:00

AM Tuesday, February 7, 2023 for establishing a contract with a qualified firm.

Time is of the essence and any Statement of Interest and Qualifications received after the announced time and

date for submittal, whether by mail or otherwise, will be rejected. Firms are responsible for ensuring that the

Engineering Administrative Assistant receives their Statements before the deadline indicated. Statements

received after the announced time and date of receipt, by mail or otherwise, will be returned unopened. Firms

should submit three (3) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy (via USB or similar) of a Statement of

Interest and Qualifications.




The project consists of collecting and processing condition data on streets to update the City’s street condition

database including a pavement condition index for each street.

The City will use the PCI information and report to prioritize, budget, and schedule future street construction

projects. The pavement condition database was originally created in 2014 and used PAVER 6.5.7. Subsequent

assessments were conducted in 2017 and 2020. The City will provide, and interested firms shall match, the

sectioning and sampling limits from the 2014, 2017 and 2020 assessments. The City currently has two street

networks: arterials and non-arterials, which are separately funded and has five Council Districts.



The scope of services sought by the City of Peoria shall include the provision of all required labor, materials,

equipment, and expertise related to the collection, processing, and creation of the pavement condition


The following should be included in the submittal:

1. Collect, process, and create a user-friendly GIS database and layers within project schedule and


2. Description of how the data collection, processing and database creation will be implemented and a

project schedule including major milestones.

3. Description of the database.

4. The following will be required of the selected firm:

a. Participate in meetings

b. Provide high quality videos of each street

c. Provide Pavement Condition Index ratings for predefined street segments

The following data collection will be required as part of the base project:

A. Streets

a. Pavement Condition Index ratings

b. Surface Type

c. Lane Miles

d. Examples of representative condition ratings

The following data collection may be added based on bid alternates:

A. Sidewalks and ADA ramp locations with GIS shape files

B. Sidewalk and ADA ramp condition and rating

C. LiDAR asset grade data


An initial kick off meeting, various project meetings, and a final report will be required.


The selected firm shall provide all deliverable products to the City Engineer for approval and dissemination.

Hard copies and electronic copies of the deliverables will be required. Electronic format for all submittals

shall be compatible with the current City software.

Deliverables include:

1. High resolution images/videos of each street, including the pavement and ROW

2. GIS layers including shape files for the assets collected (ESRI format) matching the City’s existing

road segments

3. GIS database for the assets collected (ESRI format)

4. Pavement Condition Index Ratings

5. Pavement Condition Index Ratings Reports

6. Report describing data processing approach



The City of Peoria will provide the following information to the selected firm:

1. Aerial photography and topography in an electronic format.

2. ROW information available through the City of Peoria records including recent acquisitions.

3. Current GIS information including existing road segments.

4. Existing PCI ratings

5. Designation of a person from the engineering staff to act as the City’s project manager with respect

to the two-way flow of information and for the purposes of having direct access to staff’s knowledge

base. Such person shall have the authority to transmit instructions, receive information, and

interpret and define existing City policy and decisions with respect to materials, equipment, and

systems pertinent to the consultant services. However, the concurrence and authorization to begin

any and all phases of this project shall reside with the City Engineer.


Data will be collected on streets in the right of way in the City limits (approximately 975 lane miles / 470

centerline miles). Alleys and marked state routes, highways, and interstates are not included in the base project.

The marked state routes,highways, and interstates are Route 6, Route 8, Route 29, Route 40, Route 116, US

150, and Interstate 74. If there is budget available, alleys and marked routes may be added to the project.

Further, bid alternates are requested to inventory sidewalks and obtain LiDAR data along the streets



Selection will be made according to the following table:

RFP advertised ................................................................................................ January 11, 2023 and January 12, 2023

Pre-submittal meeting at Public Works at 11:00 AM...........................................................January 24, 2023

Due date for Statement of Interest and Qualifications at 11:00 AM ....................................February 7, 2023

Selection Committee ranks submittals ................................................................................. February 10, 2023

Committee informs highest ranked firm and begins negotiations.........................................February 10, 2023

Contract submitted to Council Agenda process ....................................................................February 14, 2023

City Council Meeting at which Contract is Recommended for Approval ............................February 28, 2023

Notice to Proceed Sent to Approved Firm ............................................................................March 1, 2023

PCI Rating Completed...........................................................................................................July 1, 2023

All deliverables Completed..................................................................................................... November 15, 2023



A questions and answers session will be held at a pre-submittal meeting on Tuesday January 24, 2023 at

11:00 AM, in the Peoria Public Works Conference Room at 3505 N Dries Lane, Peoria.


It is anticipated that, after a firm is selected, the data collection and processing will take 3 months. Specific

timelines will be mutually agreed upon between the selected firm and the City.


The City staff does not expect any problems with the project.


The firm shall submit invoices at the end of each calendar month; such statements shall be inclusive of a

detailed breakdown of all charges incurred. The detail shall indicate the personnel name, title, rate of pay,

hours charged, and task worked. All direct costs shall be itemized. Multipliers will be clearly indicated and

applied to total man-hours summated for the period. Invoices shall be based upon actual hours of performance.

Invoices shall be accompanied by progress reports. The invoices will not be considered complete without a

progress report and will be deemed unpayable. The progress report will be inclusive of rates of completion

for all tasks scoped and for rates of completion for all deliverable products.

If funds that IDOT oversees are to be used to fund engineering then the firms given such Work Orders shall

follow IDOT policies and procedures regarding acceptable compensation methods and invoicing practices and

use the appropriate BLRS forms including but not limited to BLR form 05513, 05514, 05530, 05620, & 05621.

If state revolving loan funds or other funds, use the forms as directed by the funding agency.



The notice of Public Advertisement for Various Engineering Services will appear in the local Peoria Journal

Star newspaper and/or posted to the City of Peoria’s Webpage (, and posted to the City

of Peoria’s e-alerts notification system on both Wednesday, January 11, 2023 & Thursday, January 12, 2023.

The advertisement will allow 21 calendar days’ notice until all proposals are due on Tuesday February 7,



Submit a disclosure statement with the response. The disclosure statement shall be the IDOT BDE DISC 2

TEMPLATE modified for the City of Peoria. (SEE ATTACHED)


The City uses the SAM Exclusions, IDOT’s CPO’s website and the three other state CPO’s websites to verify

suspensions and debarments. Submittals will be returned without being evaluated for vendors that are

suspended or disbarred.


A. Technical Approach (25%)

1. Approach to planning, organizing and management of the project(s) including:

a. Tracking of schedules and budgets

b. Data collection

c. Data processing approach – preferably using technology, computer visioning and/or

machine learning for data processing.

d. Database and video quality

e. Database user friendliness


Firms are to submit a written Statement of Interest and Qualification which presents the firm’s qualifications

and understanding of the work to be performed. Selection criteria will include, but not limited to,

qualifications, comparable recent experience, local presence, knowledge of local requirements, policies and

procedures, capacity to perform work in the allotted time, construction planning, construction scheduling,

overall approach to the project, and continuation of previous projects. Firms interested in submitting should

have recent specific experience with this type of design, construction, and/or other services.

The submission should include:

1. A cover letter that includes:

1. Name, address, e-mail address and phone number of a contact person responsible for and

knowledgeable of the Submittal.

2. Written response addressing each of the evaluation criteria listed in Section 7.0

3. Form BDE DISC Template modified for the City of Peoria attached to this solicitation.

4. Current EEO Number or copy of completed Employer Report Form CC-1. (See section 9.0 EEO for

more information)

Firms will need to address each of the criteria set forth in section 7.0 carefully and thoroughly, as all submittals

will be ranked on a point value system. The evaluation will be based upon a head-to-head comparison with the

other firms submitting.

An individual authorized by the engineering firm to bind the offer MUST sign any submittal. All submittals

without a signature will be deemed non-responsive and will not be acceptable. The City of Peoria reserves the

right to reject any or all submittals.

All provisions of this Request for Qualifications shall also follow IDOT Bureau of Local Roads and Streets

(BLRS) policies and procedures where applicable.


The submittal should be as concise as possible. Additional, promotional information should be avoided. The

name of the firm and the location of the office that will have responsibility for the contract is required.

Three (3) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy (via USB or similar) of the submittal will be



f. The estimated size of the data including the GIS layer, videos and database

2. Shall demonstrate its intent to meet the City’s goal of reducing project costs by incorporating

technology by showing ability to be innovative and self-sufficient in completing tasks

3. Understanding of the scope of services listed in section 2.2.1

4. Communication Plan

B. Firm Experience and Qualifications (25%)

1. Name, size and brief description of the firm and office overseeing the project, including the

same information for any proposed sub-consultants.

2. Qualification and experience of the firm and subconsultants (if any)

3. If subconsultants are anticipated, describe the role proposed for each firm or subconsultant

involved and the approximate percentage of work assigned

4. Quality of the equipment and technology

5. Firm’s experience providing services to municipalities

6. Name and contact information of three applicable references from previous clients on similar

work for the firm and subconsultant (if any)

7. Descr ipt ion o f specialized expertise needed for the implementation of tasks outlined in Section

8. A summary of any specialized experience, qualifications or unique capabilities applicable to

the tasks outlined in section 2.2.1 of this document

C. Project Cost (20%)

1. Base bid for approximately 975 lane miles (470 Centerline miles) of roadway PCI condition

database & supporting data.

2. Alternate Bid #1: Sidewalk and ADA ramp location and GIS shape files

3. Alternate Bid #2: Sidewalk and ADA condition and rating

4. Alternate Bid #3: LiDAR asset grade data

5. Typical billing rate schedule for assigned personnel, including rate schedules for any proposed


D. Staff Capabilities (20%)

1. Qualifications and experience of the key team member(s)

2. Qualifications and experience of team members

3. Resumes of key personnel anticipated being assigned to the project(s)

4. An organizational chart showing the proposed role of staff on the projects and firm affiliation

(if more than one firm is involved)

E. Other (10%)

1. Ability to staff projects locally to enhance quality and efficiency (Prime and sub consultant)

2. Commitment to EEO goals

3. Quality of the proposal

2023 PCI Update Pre-Submittal Meeting Q and A

Q: Does the GIS layer have a predefined format?

A: We probably have an existing schema and will confirm with GIS person.

Additional Comments: There will be a predefined format and to match the road segments provided by

the City.

Q: I know the data has been collected on a 3 year cycle. Can you tell us who collected the data


A: Andrea recalled DTS was who did it last.

Additional Comments:

2020 PCI Update was performed by Transmap

2017 PCI Update was performed by DTS

2014 PCI Update was performed by Applied Technologies

Q: Regarding bid alternates section D. Can you go into detail of the specifics on what LiDAR data you are

looking to detect?

A: For cost effectiveness we collect data now for use on future projects. In the past it was an option to

get that data as part of the PCI Run..

Q: Is the data intended for engineering design projects or for asset/mapping grade LiDAR?

A: Asset/Mapping grade

Q: Regarding signs, what type of info do you want? E.g., location, type, retro reflectivity. Regarding

pavement marking and symbols, are you looking for overall conditions for those as well?

A: Collecting assets. We will talk more about how we want to determine condition, if it will be up front

or if it will be discussed with selected team.

Additional comment: This alternate will be removed from the RFP

Q: Regarding section 2.4 Defining Project Schedule, I do not believe result can be done in 4 months.

Should I submit if I don’t believe I can meet that schedule?

A: It depends on others’ ability to meet schedule. Please give an overview of why you need a longer

schedule, choice will be made based on schedule and quality received.

Additional Comments: The intend of the schedule is to have the PCI rating by July 1st not all of the

alternates and/or additional reports. The new deadline will be February 7, 2023 at 11:00am

Q: Regarding previous PCI survey, was that a manual survey or other data collecting equipment?

A: It was not manual; it was done using data collecting equipment.

Q: Regarding sidewalks, are you looking for a price per mile? Can you provide an estimation of the

sidewalk mileage?

A: We can get an approximation of the miles of sidewalk.

Additional Comments: Approximately 742 miles as of sidewalk

Q: what would you hope to learn about sidewalks? Condition, planimetry, rating system, ADA ramps and

locations (where they are and where they are not), etc.

A: We are currently testing different methods of data collection to determine conditions of sidewalks.

Most important are conditions and ADA compliance (including sidewalks and ramps).

Additional Comments: The city would like to see the sidewalk alternate cost for just getting location and

GIS shape files and another for the cost of getting sidewalk condition

Q: due date for bid is next Tuesday, can that be pushed?

A: We will push the bid date a week further.

Additional Comments: The submittal date will be postponed to Tuesday February 7, 2023 at 11:00am

Q: Regarding paving examples and representative condition ratings, do you need pictures of distresses?

A: yes, we would like pictures to outline defects.

Q: Is underlying distress data deliverable as well?

A: We use decision optimization technology (DOT); PCI are uploaded to that and that helps us look at

the streets either by council district or plans for other projects. We want the distress data.

Q: Have you uploaded the PCI data into a decision tool?

A: We have uploaded all previous data into software.

Q: Would you be able to specify whether PCI scores were done based off a sampling approach or

performed as a comprehensive survey of each segments area? If based off sampling, do you have

locations of sampling units?

A: We will look into this and see what we have.

Additional Comments: Please Follow ASTM standards for sampling requirements.

Q: Do you want a collection of raw data delivered on a drive or cloud? This includes pictures, videos, and

GIS data.

A: Yes, that would be useful to have. We will look into how it would need to be delivered.

Additional comments: The raw data can be Delivered in external hard drive

Q: You had mentioned a lane miles total, do you have a center line miles total?

A: Yes, we can get that to you.

Additional Comments: Approximately 470 centerline miles

Questions by e-mail

Q. Provide any information that would be available like overall cost of previous contract, who the

previous vendor was and project deliverables

A. The previous contract was performed by Transmap. The contract was to run the PCI for multiple

communities in the area. The contract was with the Tri-County Planning Commission, and it was paid

through a grant. The City only paid for the 20% match required by the grant. The deliverables were very

similar to the deliverables in the current RFP. The major difference is that the Paver reports are no

longer required.

Q. Can the City supply the centerline mileage broken down by functional classification?

A. The approximate breakdown of centerline miles by classification:

Collector – 16 miles

Freeway – 4 miles

Highway – 1.5 miles

Local – 382 miles

Major Arterial – 40 miles

Minor Arterial – 25 miles

2023 PCI Update Pre-Submittal Meeting Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Facilitator: Paola Mendez-Silvagnoli Location: Dries Lane Conference Room

Name Company Phone Email

Zac Thomason (online) Roadway Asset Services

Cindy MacDonald (online) Mandli Communications

Nick Messick (online) IMS Infrastructure Management Services

Kurt Keifer (online) IMS Infrastructure Management Services

Jeff Greim (online) Cyvl.Ai

Brianna Leibham (online) Mandli Communications

Brady Wieland (online) A.G. Wassenaar

Trevor Triffo (Online) MDS Technologies

Mark Gardner (Online) Applied Pavement Technology

Bill Butler Tiger Eye Engineering 217-369-8370

Steve Worsfold STATE Testing, LLC 309-369-7326

Hamed Majidiford Tiger Eye Engineering 573-4243326

Ed Andrews Infrastructure Engineering 309-229-7214

D. Ravi Teja Infrastructure Engineering 309-868-2574

Chris Crocker Transmap Corp. 614-481-6799

Haripriya Pemmaraju (not in the meeting) ERI (217) 356-6645

Abbas Butt (not in the meeting) ERI


PCI Update 2023 RFP Addendum 1
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